Andrew Steele

The Architects


Working at Sir Lucian's architects office, the company is struggling due to a lack of work having once been a well respected company. Dan is contemplating leaving, while senior partner Sarah is left picking out fixtures. At a company meeting, heading off complaints about the lack of work, Sir Lucian maintains that brutalist architecture, which he favours, will return, but in the meantime they will be left designing car parks. He also announces that he is promoting Tim. Dan meanwhile is due at a car park opening, which the company has designed, while Sarah is off to meet a Swedish businessman to try and win a contract. Arriving in Esher to view the car park, Dan finds the car park design is malfunctioning and can not be escaped. Sarah also discovers that the man she has met, Rasmus, is someone she has previously slept with. Sir Lucian spends the day at the doctors to resolve a problem with his posterior, where he discovers from Tim that Dan and Sarah bid on work that wasn't a brutalist design. Dan and Sarah take to using Rasmus to impersonate Sir Lucian in a video conference, and discover Sir Lucian's hated brother Sir Gideon is on the other end of the call.

Series 1

1. What's the Point

2. Fracking Hell

3. Mad Helene

4. Multi-faith

Series 2

1. Airport

2. Refurb

3. Turret

4. D.I.Y.