The Architects


Working at Sir Lucian's architects office, the company is struggling due to a lack of work having once been a well respected company. Dan is contemplating leaving, while senior partner Sarah is left picking out fixtures. At a company meeting, heading off complaints about the lack of work, Sir Lucian maintains that brutalist architecture, which he favours, will return, but in the meantime they will be left designing car parks. He also announces that he is promoting Tim. Dan meanwhile is due at a car park opening, which the company has designed, while Sarah is off to meet a Swedish businessman to try and win a contract. Arriving in Esher to view the car park, Dan finds the car park design is malfunctioning and can not be escaped. Sarah also discovers that the man she has met, Rasmus, is someone she has previously slept with. Sir Lucian spends the day at the doctors to resolve a problem with his posterior, where he discovers from Tim that Dan and Sarah bid on work that wasn't a brutalist design. Dan and Sarah take to using Rasmus to impersonate Sir Lucian in a video conference, and discover Sir Lucian's hated brother Sir Gideon is on the other end of the call.

Series 1

1. What's the Point

Sarah arrives in the office to Matt, as both discuss their love life over the weekend. She also has complaints about his playing of bird song in the office, before Tim also arrives with news for Matt having been called in to see a client about getting a house - "The Point" - through planning, despite it being a controversial design. Sir Lucien calls them to a staff meeting to reveal that the architectural company is broke, after a library project is cancelled and a potential museum project turns out to be a dream of his. He has also fallen out with his brother again, resulting in another project ended. Matt returns from his planning meeting believing his design has been passed, but on returning to the office discovers they really meant they were passing on the idea. Sir Lucien discusses with Matt the idea of compromise, before heading out to find projects in Germany. Matt continues to fail to compromise on The Point leaving Sarah to ponder the future as she looks over the state of the finances, and resorts to contacting the planner herself to persuade him on allowing the project. Sir Lucien and Tim return, with Sir Lucien's idea of designing a house in the style of a dog kennel.

2. Fracking Hell

Sir Lucien has signed Matt and Sarah up for a commission to work with an energy company - Gentle Energy - which leaves Matt questioning whether his environmental principles can be reconciled with the business they will be pitching for. Tim meanwhile is approached for a position with another company though has to take the call in the office, which leaves Sir Lucien questioning who he was talking to, while Hayley overhears the conversation leaving Tim worried his secret will be outed. Matt and Sarah head to an industrial estate to offer their pitch to Gentle Energy where they discover that their green credentials include fracking projects. Matt turns down the offer of working with them until they suggest he will have total creative control. Tim attends his interview with the American owner of the architectural firm, though he finds the guy rather shouty and aggressive. Hayley is also pleased to reveal that The Times are reporting on Matt's design for Gentle Energy and not having his name on it which leaves him upset, as a number of activists turn out to protest fracking, and they have discovered his name which leads him to being chased down the street.

3. Mad Hélène

Matt and Sarah speculate on why Sir Lucien is running late, with Sarah suggesting his new fiancée Madeleine, also known as "Mad Hélène", keeping him busy due to their quickly blossoming romance. Two men arrive, Mr. Douglas and Mr. McCoy, arrive in the office who are dubbed the "men in black" and claim to be asset assessors. Sir Lucien eventually arrives with instructions for the three staff to compete with a pitch for a supermarket design, while Sarah suggests the men have come to buy out the company. Sarah is also tasked with going to see Mad Hélène who has decided she hates everything in her new flat, and wants to spend lots of money. Matt suggests that the three of them work together so that no one will be fired should there be a buyout, though cooperation gets off to a bad start. Sarah's designs for Mad Hélène also go down badly, and the pair resort to drinking expensive wine. Tim invites the assessors out to lunch, with Matt tagging along to see what he is up to, where they discover that Hélène is having Sir Lucien's business assessed. Sir Lucien begins to wonder if he has enough money for Hélène while Sarah discovers that she has had six previous husbands which have all ended in divorce.

4. Multi-faith

Matt is excited after watching a play at the Globe Theatre though Sir Lucien describes hating the building as they refused one of his pitches to design it twenty-five years ago. When Tim arrives, he gives Sir Lucien the idea for a vanity project to design a multi-faith centre. Sarah meanwhile is left dealing with drop-in client Justin who wants his house redesigning despite being an advertising executive with no creative skills, while Matt and Tim head out to find a location for Sir Lucien's new design. Hayley informs Sir Lucien that she needs to leave one hour earlier as she has a psychiatric appointment to attend, though he ends up booking her in with his own physician when she reveals she is only attracted to the doctor. Finding a location between two Starbucks, Matt sets about finding the owner of the plot of land which is also scheduled to become a Starbucks, and persuade them to change their minds in favour of the multi-cultural building. Justin proves hard work for Sarah as most of his belongings have been bought to impress his friends though she eventually gets the opportunity to start demolishing his kitchen, while Matt ends up getting a coffee rush while waiting to speak with a Mr. Pequod.

Series 2

1. Airport

Sir Lucien returns from dinner with mayor Boris Johnson and heard about his idea for "Boris Island", setting about his intention to get the company involved in designing an airport. Matt and Sarah are sent on a fact-finding mission to Wick where an airport redesign is in the planning. Tim meanwhile has little to do and takes to reading a book "Think Like a Client", much to the irritation of Sir Lucien, who wants him to pitch for a restaurant redesign. Matt and Sarah end up arriving in Wick by train, taxi, and boat, while Tim is instructed by restaurant owner Noel that he wants his venue to be themed like an Electrical Repair Shop as it originally was. Upon finding out the owner is a Mancunian, Tim tries to make friends with his client after taking advice from his book. In Scotland, Sarah discusses the situation with the local Laird who has come into money with an oil field find while Matt wonders whether they should spoil the landscape with their plan after spending time in a bothy. After an evening with Noel at the pub, Tim sleeps with his daughter while Matt and Sarah discover the Laird has gambled all the money away online betting resulting in both contracts being lost.

2. Refurb

Premier League footballer Danny Knowles wants his house refurbishing with Matt and Tim heading out to his house in Watford leaving Sarah banging her head on the desk after hearing about Tim's participation in battle re-enactment. An architectural magazine writer, John, has arrived to produce an article featuring an interview with Sir Lucien about the practice, and Sarah recognises him as an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with her sister. Arriving at Danny's house, Matt and Tim are shown around by his plumber Sean, as Danny is playing Grand Theft Auto. Eventually deciding to turn up, Danny decides on simply emptying a room and somehow strikes up a rapport with Tim. John and Sarah's relationship also rekindles and the pair ending up sleeping together. Danny's ideas continue to become more insane with his suggestion to demolish the house and build a castle much like Hogwarts. Sir Lucien meanwhile deals with an aggressive caddy while playing a golf game on the computer, and ends up taking architectural advice from it. Tim feels "well-in" with Danny's entourage for a short time, while Sarah finds John is being too nice for her liking.

3. Turret

Matt reveals that his latest design for a building includes a turret while Tim discovers that his mother has signed over her house to him. He also attends a school reunion and sleeps with his former biology teacher. The three are introduced to Sir Lucien's granddaughter Jemima who will be working as an intern. Matt volunteers to be her mentor at Sir Lucien's request at a staff meeting, and also discusses the lack of projects the firm. Sarah's only current work is a couple Bob and Jane who are having a new house built, though the firm is struggling to meet its small budget, while the couple spend most of the time arguing about each others families. Matt's turret idea is shown to Jemima, which ends with a discussion about where it should be placed, and leads to Matt questioning himself. Meeting the builder Dave at the new house, Bob and Jane find out how much they are over-budget and find that their unique house ideas aren't that original. Matt also begins to feel even worse when Tim agrees with him on his original turret placement, before Jemima steps in to encourage him back to his confident self as she reveals she is leaving for Paris.

4. D.I.Y.

Matt is having home problems with his wife Magna who is jealous about him being contacted by Lucy, a woman from an architectural magazine who he took to the cinema. He also reveals the relationship is in a bad way, with him having to sleep in the spare room with her brothers who are stuck living with them. At a staff meeting, Sir Lucien reveals that due to them having no work, he is setting aside his ambitions for the return of brutalism and getting into house building. Lucy meanwhile proves difficult for Matt to let down gently, when she doesn't believe his story about his wife being related to the Russian mafia. The four of them head out to Hackney Marshes where Sir Lucien believes that they will be able to build, while Sarah insists that she wants to be in charge being the only sensible one. Tim, also now working as Sir Lucien's temporary assistant, loses his diary when he bins it. Sarah also persuades Matt to bring in his Russian in-laws to help with the building. At the building site, a sobbing Lucy turns up with news that she is pregnant, which ends up being overheard by his wife's brothers, who decide to make use of a basement on the new house.