The Black Museum

The .22 Caliber Pistol (Little Blue 22)

.32 Calibre Bullet

Bath Tub

The Black Gladstone Bag

The Brick

The Brass Button

Can of Weed Killer

Canvas Bag

The Car Tire

The Champagne Glass

A Claw Hammer

Door Key

Faded Tartan Scarf (The Yellow Scarf)

Four Small Bottles

French-English Dictionary

Gas Receipt

Frosted Glass Shards

The Hammerhead

The Jack Handle

Jar of Acid

The Khaki Handkerchief

A Lady's Shoe

The Leather Bag

A Letter

The Mandolin String

Meat Juice

The Notes

The Old Wooden Mallet

The Open End Wrench

A Pair Of Spectacles

A Piece Of Iron Chain

The Pink Powderpuff

Post Card With Picture Of The Rising Sun

A Prescription

The Raincoat

Length of Sash Cord

Auto Service Card

The Sheath Knife

The Shopping Bag


A Silencer

The Small White Boxes

The Spotted Bedsheet

The Straight Razor

The Tan Shoe

The Telegram

The Trunk

Two Bullets

Walking Stick

A Women's Pigskin Glove

The Wool Jacket