The Cavity Within

Please note that this is a draft which will be reviewed again soon.

Episode 1

New dentist Marty arrives at his practice after being dropped off by his flatmate Sarah, and follows in the family with his father and grandfather having also been dentists. Upon entering, he finds a dysfunctional practice and that he has been hired as the business had so much money they didn't know what else to do with it. Being shown his room by new boss Pete. he finds that there is no equipment and the room is largely empty. Pete meanwhile has the stress of a marriage which is breaking down, while Marty spends his morning shadowing fellow dentist Anna, and meets the other residents who are all "very nice" including an old-school dentist who uses brass instruments and alcohol instead of anaesthetic. After not seeing any patients all morning, Marty returns from lunch with a list of thirty-nine to see, with some equipment now having been delivered. Anna and fellow dentist Tim attempt to patch up their relationship after Tim had previously broken up with her, leading Anna to pretend he doesn't exist for some time. Marty manages to complete his first day after seeing a woman with no teeth, and two teenagers who just want braces, and realises that he is now a dentist.

Episode 2

Anna is attempting to convince Mr Holmes to send them all on a management course, while Marty is feeling sexually frustrated after lusting over young nurse Daisy. The surgery is also having a problem with a lack of patients, and their income has dropped over the last two months. Pete's relationship with his wife is still hanging on by a thread as he continues to live in the garage. Marty spends his time with Tim who is showing off his new car. Leo, the "motivator", arrives in the office after Anna persuades Pete on team building in an attempt to improve morale among the staff, before taking them on an "extreme assault course". Tim questions whether Marty is going to use the event to find a way to impress Daisy, though he is reluctant due to her aggressive boyfriend who has been in prison for grievous bodily harm. Marty's tour down a long zip line ends with him crashing into a wall and losing a front tooth. With Tim's encouragement, Marty heads to Daisy's room to make his move, but ends up finding her boyfriend Dave who punches his other front tooth out.

Episode 3

Pete's attempts to repair his marriage have fallen apart when his wife goes away to Majorca with their marriage counsellor. The number of patients being seen at the practice has remained low, and despite Anna's various charts and figures, the practice fails to come up with any ideas on how to improve matters. Marty's suggestion of starting to see NHS patients again is laughed at, and the others suggests various ways to improve the surgery such as having pornography films in the waiting room. An opportunity for advertising on radio comes up. Meanwhile, Pete and Marty head out to a "dinner in the dark" blind date in an attempt to improve their ailing love lives, but end up in a calamity, but Pete has some luck while examining his date's, Carolyne, teeth in the dark. He soon discovers that Carolyne is his sister-in-law who is attending with her husband, and reveals they are swingers. With his wife back from Majorca, she swears that nothing happened with the counsellor and invites Pete to move back into the house. The surgery also has an uptick in business when it begins to see NHS patients.

Episode 4

Marty finally sleeps with his flatmate Sarah, who immediately regrets her decision and comes out as a lesbian. His attempts to maintain the friendship by buying her a gift doesn't go down as planned however. Pete has taken to making money by dealing with the teeth of animals at a nearby zoo. Meanwhile, Holmes has joined a dating website and meets a Lady of the aristocracy. Daisy is also having issues with her relationship when her boyfriend Dave chooses his motorcyle over her after an argument. Tim is also trying to start a relationship with a good-looking patient whose teeth he has fixed, though ends up believing he has made her lose her character, and returns to Anna for another chance. Holmes' attempts to bed the Lady go badly when she uses dental adhesive rather than toothpaste, causing him to miss his chance. Marty also fails to win a date with Daisy who makes up with Dave, though he does receive a unexpected text message. Pete also discovers that his marriage is well and truly ended.