The Fanthorpe Investigations

The Moving Coffins of Barbados

In the fishing village of Oistins in Barbados, a number of lead coffins have been said to move around the crypt in which they are contained. With a heavy marble lid requiring four men to move, the vault was opened for the burial of family murders in 1808, 1812, 1816, and 1819 with each time the coffins having shifted position, including being turned upside-down and moving several feet.

The Monk and the Coin

At Norwich Cathedral, there is rumoured to be a ghostly monk has been seen frequently kneeling where the records are kept. He had been observed trying to get something up from the ground. Later building work recoverd a silver groat from between the tiles of the cathedral, which was later sold for a good sum of money, which was put towards the cathedral funds. However, since this date, the monk has no longer been seen.

The Croglin Grange Vampire

The Green Children of Woolpit

The Catacomb Phenomenon