The Mausoleum Club

The Mausoleum Club is the title name of a pilot episode, plus two series of six episodes of the horror series. A fifteen minute pilot aired in 1984, with the series Tales from the Mausoleum Club and The Fall of the Mausoleum Club being broadcast in 1987 and 1988.

The Demon Cakestand of Beastley Chase

Sir Henry arrives at the Mausoleum Club for the first time in a while where he meets his friends discussing gravel prices, and from which he seeks their help and in turn tells them his story. As a young student, he takes to enjoying the cakes brought to him by an elderly woman while restoring art at a gallery he works for. A mysterious artwork turns up which is covered by jam, and Henry finds it is a picture of a cakestand at a location named Beastley Chase for which he sets out on a voyage. He encounters a tale of Sir Robert who setup a cakestand which sold highly-addictive cakes. However, the stall disappeared sometime later with a legend that whoever can find the stall, will be in receipt of untold riches.

Tales from the Mausoleum Club

1. The Inaudible Man

In 1903, judge Clarence Green is looking to join the Mausoleum Club and manages to gain entry to the building. Setting about using his membership of an array of other clubs as a reason for joining, he discovers the club only has two rules for membership. One of the rules is to be able to recall and retell an intriguing story which leads one of the members to tell the story of the Inaudible Man. Using a new machine, a doctor is able to recover a mans lost voice which ends up getting left behind. Believing he is overworking, he begins to find lots of inanimate objects begin talking to him which leads him to see a psychoanalyst. Attending a theatre performance, the voice is heard by other people leading him to discover that he is being pranked by a talented ventriloquist leading him to encounter former friend Wyvern.

2. Heart of Skegness

Mr Green finds the story of the Inaudible Man unbelievable and is treated to another story; this time of Johnson's missionary journey to Skegness from America on a ship named Rose Cottage. Sailing with a rather strange captain, he eventually makes it to the British coast after waking up from a stupor. However, he discovers that the ship is deserted though eventually encounters the rest of the crew, who are drunk, who have an explanation for their disappearance and their current stopping location - Clacton. Getting back out to sea, the ship encounters a storm and resorts to throwing his crates of bibles overboard to get rid of ballast, though a busted crate has him discover the crew smuggling alcohol rather than the holy book, while on the beach he encounters a vision he had dreamed about.

3. A Study in Scarlets

4. The Turn of the Knob

5. Soldiers Three: India Nil

6. Jess of the B'ournevilles

The Fall of the Mausoleum Club

1. The Pet and the Pendulum

2. The Charge of the Boys' Brigade

3. Trevor Island

4. The Prunestone

5. The T Machine

6. Bleak Horse