The Weird Circle

The Fall of the House of Usher

At the cursed House of Usher, Lady Madeline, who has been ill for months and is dying, fights with her brother Roderick. She sends the helper Dina, future bride of Roderick to London to retrieve Charles Wilson so she can speak with him. As midnight arrives, Dina and Charles race to get back to the house. Upon arrival, Lady Madeline demands to be left in the house once she has died, and if she is moved, will come back and take her brother to death with her.

The House and the Brain

A young couple, Sandra and Paul, attend an art auction in London. Selling is a picture, The Ancient Cutthroat, which features the strange eyes of a man whom Sandra believes she has recently seen. Hearing that the man in the painting had a house which is now haunted, she sets about visiting the building. Attending with friend and auctioneer Jim, the three head to the house and find that as the approach the front door, it swings open for them.

The Vendetta

A gypsy tells a story in exchange for a penny. She describes Ginerva Piombo who falls in love with a soldier - Luigi Porta - hiding in her art teacher's attic, who is wanted by the French authorities. A fellow student, Amelia, becomes aware of the solider and her "friends" involvement. The Piombo and Porta families have a vendetta in which the other members must die, however if Ginerva marries Luigi, she will herself become a Porta. The two do in fact marry, and her father awaits at home with his old Corsican knife.

Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

Pym is in Nantucket and looking for a job on board a ship with the mad Captain Bernard. Heading on to the ship with another guy named Peters, who has a bad opinion of the captain, the captain and crew kidnap them. Setting sail into a fierce storm, his son Weston is also on the ship and apologises for his father's actions, as he is in the same situation. Pym gives the others advice on staying out of trouble, though the angry captain discovers this and punishes him by strapping Weston to the main mast in another storm. These actions inspire a mutiny among the crew.

Declared Insane

Madam Journalle, a fat and pot-marked woman, has a hold on Pierre. She plans to extract large amounts of money from him as he prepares to divorce his wife, with the aim of leaving the estranged wife Renee and his children penniless. Renee consults a friend, who refers her to his uncle who is a lawyer. Together they hatch a plan to protect her assets by having Pierre declared insane as well as frame him for murder with the use of a ringer judge.

A Terribly Strange Bed

A young man heads to Paris after finishing his education, and heads out on the town for some amusement. He lands at a low-class gambling house and wins a large amount of money after drinking. He is later convinced to spend the night in one of the rooms, rather than head out onto the crime ridden streets with money. His body is later found in the nearby river, flattened like a pancake.

What Was It

The lodgers of a boarding house hear ghostly noises in the building, and decide to hold a seance hosted by the countess. The Doctor, a resident of the house, tries to find out more about the apparition and is able to capture it when it attacks another lodger. He sets about performing tests on it, as well as casting it in plaster to determine what it is. Also discovering that the being requires human flesh to live, it dies ten minutes before the authorities arrive. Failing to believe them, the police leave and the doctor is resigned to never knowing what it was.

Knight's Bridge Mystery

Landowner Mr. Gardner has just collected a large sum of money in rent from his properties, and is unable to deposit it at the bank due to bad weather. Unhappy with keeping too much money around, he discusses his predicament with friend Professor Nelson. Nelson says he is on his way to London, but is tempted by the thought of all the money which drives him to drastic action - a double murder and pinning the blame on an idiot, Cox, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Horla

A man living beside a river spends his hours watching the boats pass from his porch. One day, a Brazilian "superb three-mast" ship sails by, and the old man waves at the vessel, which invites a supernatural being aboard the boat to haunt his home. This sets off bouts of fever, him being unable to sleep, and the feeling that he is being watched. Questioning his psychological state, the man discovers the legend of the "Horla", and realises its relationship with the boat, and decides that it or he must die.

William Wilson

At an engagement party, William Wilson is in the library avoiding the crowd while the rest of the guests are in a nearby room. Two gunshots emanate from the library, and the guests find William injured but still alive from a suspected suicide. Struggling, he sets about telling the story of what happened. He begins with going back to university when a freshman joins who has the same name as him and is a complete double, and identifies him as his evil genius.

Passion in the Desert

A French soldier, Gaston Monet, leaves the army and runs off into the desert with a beautiful woman who wishes to escape from her people. Making plans to head to the coast and find a way out, they spend a night camping during which a panther enters their camp and sleeps alongside them, which Gaston believes looks much like his new partner. Gaston quickly finds himself in over his head as he learns of her true existence.

Mateo Falcone

Mateo recalls the events of his time living in Corsica who as a respected landlord, lives in a location frequented by fugitives. Gianetto, a wanted murderer and uncle to Fortunato is permitted to hide in the house from a group soldiers by Mateo. The soldiers however are led by Fortunato's distant cousin Tiodoro. Fortunato is about to give the location of his uncle away for a large sum of money, which results in Gianetto killing him, while his father resorts to killing Tiodoro when it is discovered he was the actual murderer.

The Man Without a Country

Philip Nolan, a twenty-year old officer in the United States Army who joined after it being his boyhood dream, he is tried as an accomplice for treason when his friend Aaron Burr is also tried. At the court, Nolan renounces his nation and is sentenced by the shocked judge to a life aboard United States Navy Warships. Initially unrepentant about his previous outburst, he eventually becomes more wise and sadder for his situation.

Dr Manette's Manuscript

At a trial, Dr Manette's manuscript written in 1751 is believed to prove conclusive proof of the guilt of Charles St Evemond who is accused of fraud, conspiracy and murder. It contains the events of Dr Manette being asked to perform a task he cannot refuse in which a dying woman is appearing to be driven to madness, who repeatedly refers to a graveyard and has an obsession with the number twelve. The woman dies shortly after the doctors arrival which draws him into the world of the French aristocracy.

The Great Plague

C. Farrell teams up with thieves Grigsby and Farrow to commit some burglaries. The trio target a house which belongs to the richest family in the county, and is guarded by an old man and his granddaughter, with the three believing it to be an easy target. However, as the men prepare to enter the house, Farrell becomes nervous and unsure about a life of crime which involves killing a young girl.

Expectations of an Heir

Aunt Moira, a wealthy and maidenly lady is the target of murder when her nephew Ralph wants to marry Alice, but she disapproves of him getting wed and thinks him unable to manage his own affairs, due to previous gambling debts and lavish spending on past women. Ralph remains in a bind, being dependent on Moira for money, and Alice threatens to break off the engagement suggesting that getting rid of Moira may be the only solution for Ralph to prove his worth.

The Hand

Dennis Lansing tells the story of visiting his friend Sir John Rowell, who he hasn't seen for some time. John invites his friend to stay for a while, and takes the opportunity to show Dennis his hunting trophy room which includes a mummified hand chained to one of the walls. Rowell also explains that the hand belongs to his worst enemy, and that it remains alive, and as long as it does, so will he. John goes on to describe the events revolving around his now deceased wife, black magic, and her encounter with his now enemy.

Jane Eyre

Arriving at Thornfield Manor, Jane Eyre is taken on as a governess by employer Edward Fairfax Rochester who is a mysterious man. During her time there, she begins to fall in love with Rochester though worries about not knowing enough about him or the house, and is particularly uncertain about why the attic remains closed off. She discovers that Edward's first wife, Bertha, has been locked in the attic after her mental health began to deteriorate.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Messier Dupin invites a number of police detectives to present his solution to murders in Rue Morgue which have previously proved unsolvable. He also informs them that the murderer will also arrive within the hour, as Dupin has invited him. He retraces the story of two women who are brutally killed after withdrawing fifty thousand Francs from the bank, to which the bank arrange security due to the large sum being kept at the house. Despite this, an unknown person manages to enter and kill the pair.

The Lifted Veil

Latimer believes that he is cursed with an ability to see the future and the thoughts of other people, and describes his condition to friend and scientist Dr Meunier who is working on a serum to be able to temporarily restore a poisoned being. His marriage to the manipulative Bertha also disintegrates. The maid soon passes away from poisoning, as does Latimer, but not before the maid is revived for a short time, to accuse Bertha of a plot to poison her husband.

The 4:15 Express

A train has been robbed with a large amount of money taken, and an investigator is sent to discover the truth. He also discovers from a fellow passenger that cabin 42A, in which he will be travelling, is apparently haunted when a man named Jones was killed ten years prior, and his angry spirit remains to scare people. In the cabin, he meets a fellow traveller called John Jones and also finds that no-one else sees the man when he leaves.

A Terrible Night

Charles is on trial and is asked to recall the story leading up to the court date. This encompasses a hunting trip with his wife's brother Dick out in the woods. The pair become lost and seek help at a dilapidated hut miles off the beaten track, which houses a strange man, "Joel", who offers to put them up for the night. However, Charles and Dick discover that the man is a bitter outcast of society for his giant stature who takes his revenge out on people he describes as "little people".

The Tell-Tale Heart

A man, Charles, hears voices from a man and woman which instruct him to kill his elderly uncle, in part due to the old man's fake eye. Planning the murder carefully with the help of the voices, he sets about putting it into action. As the time strikes midnight, Charles heads into the old mans bedroom and commits the murder. He is then instructed by the voices to put the body under the floor and nail down the boards. However, when the police begin investigating, his uncles beating heart begins to taunt Charles.

The Niche of Doom

Josephine recalls her story which begins with her marriage to much older husband, August, when she was just fifteen and coming from a poor background. It progresses to her beginning an affair with Pierre, as a way to escape her husbands self-importance and the loneliness in their relationship. However, when August believes that she is having an affair and her lover is hiding in a closet, he sets about blocking up the wardrobe when she refuses to admit that she has been seeing another man.

The Heart of Ethan Brand

An evil man, Ethan Brand, tells a story to his brother Barton about his search for a truly unforgivable sin. This includes using peoples weaknesses against themselves to make them do terrible things. He does this by buying his way into a friends failing paper mill business before moving on to making political connections by way of getting rid of a politicians wife. However, having achieved his aims, he discovers that he will not be able to make use of it when he finds he only has a short time left to live.


A professor records down his experiences at the University of Manchester. These involve his colleague Dr. Frankenstein and his experiments, which are near to completion, and will result in the completion of a built man with a hideous face. The man is brought to life, much to professor's dismay, as the monster begins to run amok as it escapes through a door and into a nearby forest, as Frankenstein returns to his office and attempts to cover up his work.

The Feast of Red Gauntlet

In the Scottish Highlands, Willie Steenson visits his lord Redgauntlet to pay the rent, but the lord dies before he can receive a receipt for his payment. When the lord's assistant, who witnessed the rent payment also dies, Steenson is left in a corner as the lord's son demands payment as the money he paid can no longer be found. Willie discovers that help is available which requires a trip to Hell in order to receive a receipt for his payment.

The Murder of the Little Pig

Messier Lehan has been enquiring for a number of years to write up some of the criminal cases of Messier LeCoque. Considering him one of the greatest detectives, his newspaper is pressuring him to get LeCoque to agree to a story and the pair settle on the most recent case, and odd one which involves the witness to a murder - a small dog.

The Spectre of Tappington

Charles returns from India to visit his friends, and stays in an old oak guest room in their large mansion. The room is reportedly haunted by the Spectre of Tappington. Over the course of the following morning, Charles discovers that his trousers are being stolen pair-by-pair. Initially believing the events to be an unfunny joke being played upon him, he goes on to see the ghost himself.

The Strange Judgment

A fisherman, Pierre, and his wife live a happy life in their village. However, when their son Jacques comes along, he grows up to be a spoilt child who becomes evil including attacking other children and animals. When Jacques is caught lying about thieving from the household and swears on his own salvation, Pierre sets about dealing with his son once and for all though it results in his own punishment.

Wuthering Heights

At an old house on the moors of Howarth in the nineteenth century, Cathy has grown up with an orphaned boy, Heathcliffe, who was rescued from the streets of the city by her father. Despite always loving Heathcliffe, Cathy goes on to marry Edgar Linton for his wealth and societal standing. When Heathcliffe returns to Wuthering Heights, Cathy is shocked to discover that he returns with his own wealth and is intent on revenge for his scorned love.

The Curse of the Mantle

Lady Eleanore is gifted a beautiful mantle by a dying woman, despite her relative George insisting she not wear it as he believes it has an evil quality. Wearing it to a ball being thrown in her honour, Eleanore scorns everyone and withdraws from human love, insisting that she will continue to wear it before it causes her to pass out due to illness. The village encounters a plague that evening, which begins in the homes of the rich before spreading to those of the poor, with everyone believing that the mantle is the source of the disease.

The Cask of Amontillado

Angelo prepares to ask girlfriend Lucia to marry him, and has to deal with the formality of asking her father for permission. However, Lucia worries about his "friend" Fortunato who she believes is evil, and wants to steal her away from Angelo. The wedding goes ahead, though Angelo is soon kidnapped and sold off into slavery. Escaping and returning some time later to his homeland, he discovers that Fortunato and Lucia have become married, as Angelo sets about plotting revenge.

The Rope of Hair

Victor encounters an old friend, Jacques, whom he barely recognises after so long. The pair go back to Jacques' room where he discusses the events, which include his wife dying one year after their marriage, and him leaving the home they lived in. At Jacques' prompting, Victor promises his old friend that he will retrieve a diary from the room of the friend's dead wife. However, the deceased diary owner has her own plans for who will get a hold of the item.


Falkland has been given powers of immortality in exchange for accepting that he will never love, on penalty that the pair both die. Becoming friendly with neighbour Emily, the pair eventually venture into a pirates den in a seaside cliff, where they discover that the tide quickly comes in and begins to fill the cave. Believing that the curse of death is coming true, he confesses to Emily that he loves her and the two will marry if they escape.

The Trial for Murder

The hanging of Peter Cook is scheduled to occur, and Hugh Trilani who was the foreman juror in the trial, is feeling compelled to attend despite not wanting to watch the event. Hugh takes a walk with Cook's lawyer and tells a story that since the trial, he can see and hear the ghost of the murdered man, John Talbot. As part of his role as foreman, Hugh's questions reveal important evidence against the defendant.

The Werewolf

A young boy can hear the howling of a werewolf, before being informed that his father has died. Glad that his father is free of what plagued him, he goes on to recall the story of his brother, sister, and father living together when they are visited by a huntsman and his daughter. The boys father and the huntsman's daughter eventually get married, despite the wariness of her by the children, and she is quickly found to have sharp teeth.

The Old Nurse's Story

Hester, an old nurse is sat in Ferndale Hall in the midst of a storm, and casts her mind back to previous events at the house. She recalls a musician invited to stay as the guest of Lord Ferndale, who subsequently goes on to make love to both of his daughters Grace and Maude. When Grace reveals she has married the man, her father kicks her out deeming the marriage unsuitable and vows that she is now dead to him.

The Middle Toe of the Right Foot

A man named Robert Manton kills his wife and two children, before disappearing from their home which is left empty for the next ten years. He returns to the neighbourhood vastly altered, but is still recognised, and convinced to take part in a bowie-knife duel in the dark, at his reputedly haunted former home. However, he discovers it is a trick played upon him, though he still has to pay the price of his crime.

The Dream Woman

Busting into an antique shop about to close for the night, a man gives the owner a fright, as he demands to purchase a particular knife from him. However, as the pair calm down, the man recounts tales of his birthday where every five years, he is visited by the curse which causes a tragedy such as his best friend marrying his woman, injuring himself badly, and losing large amounts of money. His current birthday leads to events including marriage and his wife attempting to kill him.

The Phantom Picture

An artist recounts his involvement to a doctor, the events in which his mentors' son kills his father, resulting in him killing the son during an argument and has him followed by a grotesque face he can not get rid of seeing. The events lose him the affection of his mentors daughter Bianca who believes he was responsible for her fathers death, leading him to disappear into the mountains before seeking help from a doctor as he tries to clear his name with her.

The Ghost's Touch

Ralph Zant dies only a few months after marrying his wife. She is invited to spend some time with Ralph's friend John Stevens, who owns a large house on the coast. While there, she finds John is performing experiments in his laboratory, where he has invented a process to kill all pain. Mrs Zant soon begins to experience episodes in which she can speak to her deceased husband, who is trying to warn her of something.

The Bell Tower

The story of an Italian genius, Banadona, who built the grandest of bell tower's four centuries ago which became the pride of Italy. When an artisan, Paolo, who is working on the project questions Banadona about the risk of its collapse when the bell is hoisted, Banadona murders him in cold blood. Also managing to escape justice for his actions claiming it was done for the good of Italy, the other workers believe that Paolo will exact his revenge on Banadona via the bell tower.

The Evil Eye

At the optometrist, Paul is struggling with his eyes. However, the doctor soon becomes unwell after he sees Paul's strange-coloured iris, and predicts that he will go blind if he does not have surgery, before he collapses. Heading to Naples to see his wife, despite his doctors advice to stay out of strong sunlight, Paul arrives in Italy, where his wife also soon begins to feel poorly after looking into his eyes. Paul soon learns about the superstition of the "evil eye".

The Mark of the Plague

During the Black Plague in London, Harry and Lucille find love and become convinced that nothing can keep them apart - even death. Despite Lucille wanting to be married, Harry has reservations due to his father disapproval of her due to her being a lowly shopkeepers daughter. The pair agree to speak to Harry's father who has the disease, though his father still refuses to allow her in the house.

The Queer Client

George Hiley has recently been released from Marshaley debtors prison. He sets about destroying the life of his father-in-law who refused to help him with his debts when his business was failing. During his time locked up for the five hundred dollar debt, his wife and child both die in poverty leaving George determined to avenge their death.

The Burial of Roger Malvin

Roger Malvin has been mortally wounded by the hit from an Indian arrow at the Battle of Pequawket. He asks his friend, Reuben, to bury him when he dies, while Reuben heads out in an attempt to find help. However, Reuben is unable to keep his promise, finding the journey too difficult and deciding on not returning being convinced that Malvin is dead, which leads to revenge from the grave.

The Fatal Love Potion

The wealthiest man in Naples, George, announces at a party that he is to be married to Ionai. Ionai's uncle Arturo checks up on Lydia who is upset at the news, being in love with George herself but believing that he will never be with her due to her blindness. Arturo offers her a love potion to use on George, which has an unintended consequence for her when he goes missing and a murder is committed.

Mad Monkton

Ada awaits reclusive Alfred Monkton to turn up at the house she shares with her mother, who is angry that the pair plan to marry. Running late, he eventually arrives to and announces that he is to break off the engagement, and that he has to go away. Monkton travels to Europe and catches up with William, Ada's former partner, who left him for Alfred.

The Returned

Jacob and Ellen watch the hearse holding Lady Ligeia travel through the village. Ellen however questions whether she is really dead and as her ghost has begun to haunt the castle where she lived, and is planning to exact her revenge. Ligeia's ex-husband Sir Charles has joined his new woman and is heading back to the castle to start his new life.

The Executioner

A priest hears the story of how the man who built the monastery where he is serving spends a large amount of his time praying for his own soul. The story stems back to French conquerors, who are attacked by the Spanish in a failed bid to win back their town. The man is given the choice of saving the town and its people, in exchange for being executed by his own son.

Rappaccini's Daughter

Set in Italy, Giovanni arrives looking for a hotel room at what was once his grandfather's home. Offered to stay in the east wing of the building, which has long been locked up, he soon meets Doctor Rappaccini and his daughter while looking out of the window and onto their garden. Giovanni discovers that the garden is used to create powerful potions, and is mostly looked after by Rappaccini's Daughter. Giovanni and Rappaccini's daughter soon fall in love and agree to be married, however he discovers the truth about Rappaccini and his garden.

The Wooden Ghost

Travelling on a lone road by horse-and-carriage, two men see a figure at the side of the road hailing them to stop. They discover he is a tall man dressed in a cape with a wide-brimmed hat, and he tells one of the men, Heir Gerard Dahl, that he has been waiting for him to return from Rotterdam. He also informs Dahl that he should expect him to visit his home at seven o'clock that evening. Seven O'Clock arrives, and the man appears as he said he would.

The Last Day of a Condemned Man

Andre Germaine, a soldier returns home from war. Attempting to reconnect with his family, he finds his wife and child refuse to recognise him, and believed him to have been killed during battle. He discovers that he has been condemned by the state, and that the events are the result of a curse placed upon his father which is to pass down the generations of his family, after his father loved a woman who was promised to another man.

The Warning

Lying in bed, Esther hears a voice offering her a warning that sounds like her missing brother Tom, telling her that her husband Charles must not go to the House of Waverley. If he does, it will bring death and sorrow, though the pair head out to look for Tom in any case. Discovering Tom has been murdered, the pair receive another warning from the ghost, and decide to head home. However a rain storm lands them at the door of the House of Waverley.

The Doll

At a court hearing, the defendant, Frederick Hippy, makes a statement regarding the death of fortune-teller Madame Philomel to which he confesses to her murder. The story begins with Frederick's anger at his step-daughters relationship with a bookseller named Solen. Frederick sets about, with Philomel's and other friends help, creating a doll which has a soul capable of committing murder and also stealing jewels to be returned to the group, before attempting to use the doll on Solen.

The Diamond Lens

Alan Linley is on his first day in New York, and takes to visiting Mr Pike, as he is new to the world of science and intends on revolutionising the microscope. However, Pike advises him that it will be hard for a novice to embark on such a quest, with only a genius or mad man taking on the endeavour. Six months pass, and his father turns up to question what he has been doing with his life, with his father pulling the plug on his finances.

The History of Dr John Faust

Nicholas Gardiner tells the story of his time working as an assistant to notorious Dr John Faust, whose fame was such that crowds of people would flock around the doctor whenever he walked down the street. Nicholas discovers that Faust has made a deal with the devil to allow him to live forever and return him to youth, in exchange for his soul, and his attempts to get the doctor to repent fail as Faust is already dead.

The Duel Without Honor

Major Lexus heads to a monastery where he discusses with the priest his backstory surrounding his hatred of Captain Zadermeisky, after they chased the same woman when they were younger which lead to them duelling each other. Seeing Zadermeisky lying feebly in his bed at the monastery where he now lives, Lexus' opinion of the man has now changed and he believes him to be a great man. The priest also reveals how the captain came to be at the monastery.

The Spectre Bride

With her wedding due tomorrow, Mary heads to the chapel where she is about to be wed during the night. While there, she sees the ghostly figure of her identical twin sister Josephine who died on the eve of her own wedding. Found beneath the bell tower, Josephine's face was struck with terror and the bell has not rung since. With Mary intent on cancelling the wedding and sending her fiance Charles away, he sets about solving the issue.

The Tapestry Horse

Set in Hungary in 1832, the feuding Loren and Stenof families live in castles close by to each other. The newly crowned head of the Loren family sits admiring a tapestry horse and admits Baron Stenof's arrival to announce his intent to marry his daughter. The two men meet with strong animosity between the pair, increased by Stenof's reminder of the meaning of the tapestry. Stenof makes a threat that Loren will never marry into his family, and even his death will ensure revenge.

The River Man

Luther, a man is killed in flash floods while out in town, and leaves stepmother Josephine, daughter Sara-Belle, and hired-hand Jabe. Josephine and Jabe are unconcerned at Luther's death, with Sara-Belle suspicious of the pair who appear to be planning an escape. With the pair now focusing on what to do with Sara-Belle, she pleads for help from her father who returns from his watery grave to aid his daughter.

The Ancient Mariner

At a party, Jonathan attempts to tell his story to a stranger, Nicholas. Not allowing Nicholas to leave, Jonathan launches into his tale about a ship in which all its crew passed away. It began its journey sailing for a number of days before encountering a storm which forced them north into icy seas where they became stuck. However, the sighting of an albatross which hangs around the boat for many days is believed to be a sign, leading Jonathan to shoot it.

The Oblong Box

The crewmen of a ship spot recover a drifting longboat and find a dead man attached to a coffin - the oblong box - which contains the body of a woman. The captain speaks with a man who he believes has the answers to the mystery, who reveals that his artist friend had the oblong box loaded into his cabin on a ship they are travelling on. His friend eventually reveals that his wife has been tormenting him with threats of running off with other men, and he intends to head somewhere desolate so they can only be together.

The Mysterious Bride

In 1777, a young Scotsman, the Laird of Birkendelly, attempts to find a woman he had seen on a country road, but she quickly disappears on a bend. Asking his passing neighbour whether the woman has passed him, he states that no one has. The Laird soon spots the woman again for a short time, but his neighbour cannot see her, leaving the Laird shaken before he heads off to find her. However, the Laird soon finds the woman attending his dreams as she attempts to convince him that she is not an apparition, and the two will be together.

The Thing in the Tunnel

Howard Kelsey is walking near a railway line and discovers a long tunnel. He tells the story of his sighting of a signalman, McGregor, on the tracks. The two begin talking, but he finds that McGregor is odd, and storms off angrily when the telegraph starts up. McGregor soon returns, claiming that a man is sending him messages from within the tunnel. Howard soon finds from McGregor that the previous signalman was killed, and now appears to be the ghost who haunts the tunnel and exists to try and warn McGregor with increasingly frantic moves.

The Moonstone

A yellow diamond held in the head of an Indian statue is renowned to have a curse attached, which will become active if the gem is removed. It is stolen by a corrupt army officer serving in the British army, and eventually inherited by his niece Rachel Verinder back in Yorkshire during her eighteenth birthday party. Three Indians eventually appear in the hope of recapturing the diamond, and leaves Rachel with a period of turmoil and unhappiness.

The Pistol Shot

Captain Nikolai Silvio discovers that his friend Count Pytor Markoff has been having an affair with his lover, Ilya. During a card game, he also suggests that the count has been cheating which leads to the pair deciding on settling their differences with a duel. Markoff takes the first shot, but misses. However, Silvio doesn't take his own shot, instead deciding that he will reserve it for a later time, and takes to taunting the man over the course of several years.

The Possessive Dead

A young couple due to be married, Michael and Eleanor, discover an Egyptian mummy's foot ornament in a shop. The shopkeeper initially tries to discourage Michael from wanting it, and the situation becomes weirder when the foot appears to move. Buying it at a quickly discounted rate from the shopkeeper who wants rid of it, the pair leave with the object. Looking forward to tomorrow - their wedding day - Eleanor can't get the foot out of her mind and soon finds its owner appearing and wanting Michael to return to her.

The Goblet

Donaldo the governor of the island, while drinking from a goblet of wine, tells the tale of his relationship with the lowly Francesca. She agrees to marry him despite apprehensions about their class differences, and in exchange he begins to shower her with expensive silver gifts. However, she falls in love with Ferdinand, the strange silversmith who also lives on the island and becomes obsessed with his work which embodies a lifelike quality.

The Case of Monsieur Valdemar

A doctor is approached by Monsieur Valdemar for help with his wife, Maria, who is gravely ill. The doctor initially refuses to help due to his medical licence being revoked, but Valdemar eventually manages to convince him to use his hypnotic skills to help put his wife "beyond the reach of death". When Maria appears to have passed away, there are arguments about whether she is truly dead, especially when the doctor is still able to communicate with her. Despite this, the doctor is sentenced to death by hanging, however he is able to use his skills for himself.

The Shadow

Out in the Orient, a man is commanded by his father to return home. He however is captivated by the sound a female neighbour singing, though he has yet to see who the voice is coming from. His father suggests utilising his shadow to look into her apartment room and discover who she is, however as he attempts it, his shadow disappears. The man confronts the woman about the theft of his shadow where he discovers that shadow people walk the Earth as independent people, and his own shadow soon comes to pay him a visit.

The Bride of Death

In a narrow street, a highland feud has flared up again resulting in Kenneth, the Earl of Dunbar, being killed. However, with his final words, he vows to be together with Margaret, the girl he should have married, with his servant suggesting that it will take more than death to stop him. Margaret's father, the Reverend Colby, was also determined to see his daughter marry Kenneth no matter what, and vowed that his daughter will never be permitted to marry another man. These two "ingredients" see Margaret become "the bride of death" when Kenneth is able to appear to her.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll is working in his laboratory on an experiment, and believes he is close to completion. Taking a drink from his completed cocktail, he discovers in the mirror that his face has begun to change. He also believes that Mr Hyde is coming alive within him. Reverting to himself, Jekyll heads to see his lawyer about making sure Hyde will be looked after should anything happen to himself. From there, Jekyll puts into action his ability for Hyde to come and go at night, as he pleases. However, when Jekyll begins to lose control of Hyde, he seeks help to locate an impurity in his concoction.

The Red Hand

Set in France, a young woman recalls the events leading up to her watching her husband death. The story begins with her attendance at a party, where she meets her future husband and quickly falls in love. Her maid finds letters addressed to her, though her husband has been keeping them from her. She also overhears her husbands business discussions as head of La Main Rouge, which involves thieving and murdering, while hiding in his study. She also discovers his plans to murder her to inherit her wealth, and sets about crossing France with her maid in disguise; with him giving chase.

The Haunted Hotel

Henry Westwick returns to Venice to discover the circumstances around his brother Philip's murder, which occurred in room fourteen of a hotel. In the hotel, he meets neighbour Elaine who also wanted room fourteen, but has to make do with next door, so Henry fills her in on his reasons which surround Philip getting married quickly, and heading to Venice for a honeymoon. However, from there, few people seem to remember the pair in and around the hotel.


Markheim, a weak-willed man, hears a voice inside his own head which commands him to do whatever it asks. A telephone ringing in the morning, leads him to a conversation with an investor who suggests that Markheim will lose all his stock, if he doesn't get six thousand dollars together. The voice leads Markheim, who believes he has nothing else to lose, to visit his uncle's office and steal an expensive object he hopes to sell. However, when his theft is discovered, he sets about committing murder.

The Black Parchment

A man saves a doctors life just as he is about to take his own. To reward the man, the doctor gives him a large black parchment which offers the owner wishes. However, with each wish granted, the parchment shrinks, and the wish receiver will die once the parchment disappears. He sets about rekindling the love in former partner Jeanette, who has recently broken up with him while also making himself rich. However, in the end, he has to make a decision about his own life.