The Weird Circle

The Fall of the House of Usher

At the cursed House of Usher, Lady Madeline, who has been ill for months and is dying, fights with her brother Roderick. She sends the helper Dina, future bride of Roderick to London to retrieve Charles Wilson so she can speak with him. As midnight arrives, Dina and Charles race to get back to the house. Upon arrival, Lady Madeline demands to be left in the house once she has died, and if she is moved, will come back and take her brother to death with her.

The House and the Brain

A young couple, Sandra and Paul, attend an art auction in London. Selling is a picture, The Ancient Cutthroat, which features the strange eyes of a man whom Sandra believes she has recently seen. Hearing that the man in the painting had a house which is now haunted, she sets about visiting the building. Attending with friend and auctioneer Jim, the three head to the house and find that as the approach the front door, it swings open for them.

The Vendetta

A gypsy tells a story in exchange for a penny. She describes Ginerva Piombo who falls in love with a soldier - Luigi Porta - hiding in her art teacher's attic, who is wanted by the French authorities. A fellow student, Amelia, becomes aware of the solider and her "friends" involvement. The Piombo and Porta families have a vendetta in which the other members must die, however if Ginerva marries Luigi, she will herself become a Porta. The two do in fact marry, and her father awaits at home with his old Corsican knife.

Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

Pym is in Nantucket and looking for a job on board a ship with the mad Captain Bernard. Heading on to the ship with another guy named Peters, who has a bad opinion of the captain, the captain and crew kindap them. Setting sail into a fierce storm, his son Weston is also on the ship and apologises for his father's actions, as he is in the same situation. Pym gives the others advice on staying out of trouble, though the angry captain discovers this and punishes him by strapping Weston to the main mast in another storm. These actions inspire a mutiny among the crew.

Declared Insane

Madam Journalle, a fat and pot-marked woman, has a hold on Pierre. She plans to extract large amounts of money from him as he prepares to divorce his wife, with the aim of leaving the estranged wife Renee and his children penniless. Renee consults a friend, who refers her to his uncle who is a lawyer. Together they hatch a plan to protect her assets by having Pierre declared insane as well as frame him for murder with the use of a ringer judge.

A Terribly Strange Bed

A young man heads to Paris after finishing his education, and heads out on the town for some amusement. He lands at a low-class gambling house and wins a large amount of money after drinking. He is later convinced to spend the night in one of the rooms, rather than head out onto the crime ridden streets with money. His body is later found in the nearby river, flattened like a pancake.

What Was It

Knight's Bridge Mystery

The Horla

William Wilson

Passion in the Desert

Mateo Falcone

The Man Without a Country

Dr Manette's Manuscript

The Great Plague

Expectations of an Heir

The Hand

Jane Eyre

Murders in the Rue Morgue

The Lifted Veil

The 415 Express

A Terrible Night

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Niche of Doom

The Heart of Ethan Brand


The Feast of Redgauntlet

The Murder of the Little Pig

The Spectre of Tappington

The Strange Judgment

Wuthering Heights

The Curse of the Mantle

The Cask of Amontillado

The Rope of Hair


The Trial for Murder

The Werewolf

The Old Nurse's Story

The Middle Toe of the Right Foot

The Dream Woman

The Phantom Picture

The Ghost Touch

The Bell Tower

The Evil Eye

The Mark of the Plague

The Queer Client

The Burial of Roger Malvin

The Love Potion

Mad Monkton

The Returned

The Executioner

Rappaccini's Daughter

The Wooden Ghost

Last Days of a Condemned Man

The Warning

The Doll

The Diamond Lens

The History of Dr John Faust

The Duel Without Honor

The Spectre Bride

The Tapestry Horse

The River Man

The Ancient Mariner

The Oblong Box

The Mysterious Bride

The Thing in the Tunnel

The Moonstone

The Pistol Shot

The Possessive Dead

The Goblet

The Case of Monsieur Valdemar

The Shadow

The Bride of Death

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Red Hand

The Haunted Hotel


The Black Parchment