Andrew Steele

Too Much Information

Episode 1

In the small Staffordshire town of Waft, a travel information and heritage centre sees few visitors with most only wanting to use the toilet on the way to Alton Towers. New girl Lucy has much to learn after moving to Waft from a big city, while passionate history nut Warren is frustrated at the lack of proper visitors, despite his wife Heather who is rather "down" on the history. The staff also have to deal with oddball local Bryan who has some rather strange ideas on drumming up visitors as well as the local aristocrat, Douglas Waft, who is hoping to increase the visitor count. Douglas however intends to do it with some twisting of the local history, including completely making it up with the introduction of the Beatrix Potter Tearooms, despite her never setting foot in the town. However, problems come up when the ten thousand pound lottery grant to the centre is spent by Heather on a makeover.

Episode 2

Warren has to put up with Bryan at the visitor centre, who has taken to cooking and eating roadkill. Lucy is also running late, getting stuck behind a rabbit on a local road, before eventually deciding to run it over because it reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. At a historical talk gathering, Douglas continues to try and improve the towns fortunes with the opening of the "Sylvia Plath Guest House", with Lucy being offered a free room to allow her to move to the town. The most famous resident of Waft, George, is roped in to try and improve the town's fortunes, but he is usurped by the appearance of television funny-man Ricky Quigg, who Douglas promptly takes hostage in the toilet and plans to build tourism around. Ricky however is only interested in Lucy, and problems mount when Ricky ends up dying overnight after staying at the guest house.

Episode 3

Episode 4