Andrew Steele

Up the Garden Path

Series 1

1. New Year, Old Problems

Thirty-something teacher Izzy is dreading the first day of the new school term after Christmas. She struggles to get her drama class to discuss the concept of marriage, but broaching the subject with her class, she uses the time to contemplate her relationship with a married man, Michael. Agreeing to go on a date with the pottery teacher Dick, Izzy also reveals her affair to fellow teacher and friend Maria, who she finds is in an open relationship with husband Gwyn. Rushing to prepare for a last minute date with Michael, she breaks a dinner invitation with Maria, but Dick turns up at the door. However, the plan for the evening ends up in ruins when Michael cancels the date.

2. Tangled Webs

Izzy takes to accepting a lift to work from Maria and her terrible driving. She has also decided to look for a more meaningful relationship rather than waiting for Michael and reveals her date with Dick ended with them having a little too much to drink, but is set on letting him down gently when she tells him she is secretly engaged. Izzy also takes to helping one of her students out after she steals a credit card, though gets tipped off that Mr Griffiths is attracted to Izzy. Back at home, she gets a phone call from Michael who's wife is going away and the two decide to get together, though she is interrupted when Maria calls and says she has broken up with Gwyn when she finds he has had multiple affairs.

3. Punch Ups and Punch Downs

Maria decides that she doesn't want to see or talk to Gwyn again, but he manages to con his way into Izzy's flat by claiming to be the meter reader. An argument begins which results in the pair partially wrecking Izzy's flat, with Maria storming off. At school, a fight breaks out between two girls which Izzy has to break up, which she finds is over a bloke who has been seeing them both. Back at home, Michael arranges a date with Izzy before she is interrupted by Gwyn turning back up outside at midnight and quite drunk. She manages to cart him to a nearby hotel so he can sleep off his condition, though ends up stuck in the room with him for the night.

4. Into the Lion's Den

Izzy is upset after Michael stands her up for a date, though takes some comfort from Dick arriving with chocolates who ends up taking the brunt of her anger. Maria is also still living with her though looking for her own flat, and is refusing to talk to Gwyn who makes a play for Izzy as Valentine's Day approaches. When Izzy finds Michael's wife is renting out a flat, she sets about a plan to meet her. Izzy finds Louise to be beautiful and very nice. Izzy eventually comes clean about her relationship with Michael, and as the pair still get on well, Louise suggests Izzy to come and live with them leaving her current flat to Maria, before Michael arrives home.

5. The Menage

Writing a letter to her mother from her new home, Izzy struggles to put into words the situation. Dick meanwhile is informed of the situation by Maria, to much surprise. Back in school with her class, Izzy has a discussion with them about unusual family situations, and wonders whether her secret will be out soon enough. Louise is planning a weekend away with son Jack, leaving Izzy and Michael back at the house, though Gwyn turns up and is invited to dinner by Izzy. Gwyn is keen to hear the details of their new relationship, when he finds that Izzy and Michael aren't actually sleeping together and their relationship is mostly friendship.

6. Over and Out

Dick is in the pub and trying to help Maria decide what to do with her life, as she admits she misses Gwyn. Dick also discusses his previous feelings for Izzy and says he is going to San Francisco on a teacher-exchange as Izzy walks into the pub. Izzy decides on tagging along for the trip for a year, as she arranges a weekend party with them which will be at Louise and Michael's house. Michael also reveals to Louise how he and Izzy are just good friends, which leads to her being particularly angry as she mentions her own previous affair, though the pair reconcile their feelings. At the party, Maria and Gwyn make amends and get back together.

Series 2

1. Arrivals and Departures

Izzy returns from her year in San Francisco along with Dick. Izzy is excited to return and heads to Maria and Gwyn's to stay for a couple of days, where she discovers that Maria has realised she is in love with her. Izzy makes a hasty escape to Michael and Louise's in search of a place to stay, but ends up being shunted off to Louise's elderly aunt Vinny who is relatively mad, where she has to resort to various lies including being married to Dick due to Vinny's old-fashioned ways. She ends the night by finding the rent cost are too high for just herself, and decides that Dick will have to move in with her. In the morning she has a surprise when Vinny's nephew Charles turns up while she is showering.

2. Hot Water

Izzy heads around to Maria's to collect her luggage, but ends up finding Gwyn there instead who wants to hear about her trip. She discovers more about his plans to go into politics, and has to use some self-defense on him when he gets amorous. Returning to her flat, she has to continue with her lies about her relationship with Dick due to Vinny's probing questions. Michael decides to turn up at the flat, where Vinny spills the news about her "marriage" to Dick. The situation gets worse when Dick turns up at the flat though manages to get through the encounter. Charles also returns, which leaves Izzy disappointed when she has to keep up the marriage pretense despite liking him.

3. A Soft-Hearted Little Thing

Heading out to Charles' for dinner, Izzy tells him that she is in a "companion" marriage with Dick and that she only married him after he had a breakdown in America. However, as the two get closer, Dick surprisingly arrives to ruin the immediate prospect. Several weeks later, the pair have begun sleeping together and Charles has become impatient with her "relationship" with Dick, which she suggests a quick divorce will help. Heading around to see Louise and Michael, she tells them about her new relationship with Charles, which comes as somewhat of a surprise to them. Gwyn also turns up, and reveals that Maria is pregnant before he promptly falls asleep in her bed to sleep off his drunken state. However, everything begins to go wrong leading Izzy to admit everything to Vinny.

4. The View from the Bridge

Charles and Izzy take are returning from a trip to visit Izzy's mother, and they stop off in Cambridge. Taking a trip to Clare Bridge, Charles proposes to her while they stand on the bridge, to which she agrees. The pair also take a trip to see Charles' friend Bill who is recovering from a break-up. While Charles heads out for some food, Izzy and Bill strike up a good conversation, though Bill is surprised at their relationship. While heading to Mayfair to find a dress, she meets some former pupils though Charles appears to disapprove of their characters. Izzy also takes a trip to Maria and Gwynn's, where she discovers the family she is marrying into is responsible for selling damaging fertiliser, and Gwyn is hoping to have a chat with him about it at an upcoming party.

5. On the Side of the Angels

Izzy and Charles head out to visit Charles mother at their mansion home in the country. Finding herself feeling out of place, she heads off for a walk around the estate and meets Daisy at her cottage who is a cook. Bill is also staying at the house, as he regularly stays with D aisy, and reveals that the family is planning on demolishing Daisy's cottage and garden. With Charles away on business with his father, Bill and Izzy take to visiting a local church before having a picnic together. At the evening party, Izzy finds that Charles' mother doesn't like her, and Maria suggests that the woman is a social snob. Louise and Michael also forget to pick up Dick on the way to the party. As Izzy contemplates her future and Bill, she faints.

6. You Shall Go to the Ball

Izzy has recovered from her faint, and Charles reveals they have tickets to the Conservation Ball. After helping sort a problem which results in Louise throwing out the nanny, she attempts to cook a supper for Charles, Michael and Louise, though her cooking goes wrong leading her to drop a bottle of oil and slip; injuring her ankle. With Izzy unable to go to the ball, Louise and Michael go instead with Izzy taking up childcare duties. Izzy and Charles are later off to a vacation home in Harlech, though Bill and his daughter end up tagging along, much to Izzy's delight. Izzy also takes to inviting Dick, Maria, Gwyn, Michael and Louise as a way to lift their spirits.

7. The More the Merrier

The Christmas holidays are upon them as they head out to the vacation home in Wales. However, on arrival Charles is particularly irritable, so Izzy takes to visiting the beach when Bill turns up. The following day, the other guests turn up with Maria not feeling well due to a migraine. Izzy heads to talk to her leaving Charles feeling rejected, and discovers that Maria feel that she was never truely a woman due to her upbringing and general unhappiness. While out drinking, Gwyn reveals to Charles that Michael and Izzy have previously dated, as well as his own and Dick's flirtations. Back at the vacation home, Charles becomes angry when confronting Izzy about the situation leaving her to head down to the beach where she finds Louise has developed feelings for Bill.

8. Love's Labours

Izzy and Charles are planning on a trip out for the day, however Louise has revealed her feelings to Bill and been rejected leaving her upset. Izzy takes to comforting her while invokes Charles wrath when he suggests her friends have too much drama and have ruined their vacation. Managing to catch up with him later, the pair end up arguing again, and Izzy breaks off the relationship when she suggests they are too different to make things work, and that he hasn't given her friends a chance. Charles attempts to patch things up, but her suggestion that she doesn't love him enough to make it work ends things finally. Resolving to spending the night with Dick in his tent, the pair have to retreat to the house when the tent blows away. Back home, and with the new term about to start, she talks with Bill who suggests that she is best off without Charles and that if it is to work between them, it will take time.

Series 3

1. New Men

2. Gooseberries and Fools

3. Over-Drawn, Over-Sexed and Over-Optimistic

4. Taking It on the Chin

5. Up the Stick and Sick as a Parrot

6. A Dick in Shining Armour