Up the Garden Path

Series 1

1. New Year, Old Problems

Thirty-something teacher Izzy is dreading the first day of the new school term after Christmas. She struggles to get her drama class to discuss the concept of marriage, but broaching the subject with her class, she uses the time to contemplate her relationship with a married man, Michael. Agreeing to go on a date with the pottery teacher Dick, Izzy also reveals her affair to fellow teacher and friend Maria, who she finds is in an open relationship with husband Gwyn. Rushing to prepare for a last minute date with Michael, she breaks a dinner invitation with Maria, but Dick turns up at the door. However, the plan for the evening ends up in ruins when Michael cancels the date.

2. Tangled Webs

Izzy takes to accepting a lift to work from Maria and her terrible driving. She has also decided to look for a more meaningful relationship rather than waiting for Michael and reveals her date with Dick ended with them having a little too much to drink, but is set on letting him down gently when she tells him she is secretly engaged. Izzy also takes to helping one of her students out after she steals a credit card, though gets tipped off that Mr Griffiths is attracted to Izzy. Back at home, she gets a phone call from Michael who's wife is going away and the two decide to get together, though she is interrupted when Maria calls and says she has broken up with Gwyn when she finds he has had multiple affairs.

3. Punch Ups and Punch Downs

Maria decides that she doesn't want to see or talk to Gwyn again, but he manages to con his way into Izzy's flat by claiming to be the meter reader. An argument begins which results in the pair partially wrecking Izzy's flat, with Maria storming off. At school, a fight breaks out between two girls which Izzy has to break up, which she finds is over a bloke who has been seeing them both. Back at home, Michael arranges a date with Izzy before she is interrupted by Gwyn turning back up outside at midnight and quite drunk. She manages to cart him to a nearby hotel so he can sleep off his condition, though ends up stuck in the room with him for the night.

4. Into the Lion's Den

Izzy is upset after Michael stands her up for a date, though takes some comfort from Dick arriving with chocolates who ends up taking the brunt of her anger. Maria is also still living with her though looking for her own flat, and is refusing to talk to Gwyn who makes a play for Izzy as Valentine's Day approaches. When Izzy finds Michael's wife is renting out a flat, she sets about a plan to meet her. Izzy finds Louise to be beautiful and very nice. Izzy eventually comes clean about her relationship with Michael, and as the pair still get on well, Louise suggests Izzy to come and live with them leaving her current flat to Maria, before Michael arrives home.

5. The Menage

6. Over and Out

Series 2

1. Arrivals and Departures

2. Hot Water

3. A Soft-Hearted Little Thing

4. The View from the Bridge

5. On the Side of the Angels

6. You Shall Go to the Ball

7. The More the Merrier

8. Love's Labours

Series 3

1. New Men

2. Gooseberries and Fools

3. Over-Drawn, Over-Sexed and Over-Optimistic

4. Taking It on the Chin

5. Up the Stick and Sick as a Parrot

6. A Dick in Shining Armour