Andrew Steele

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point was a follow-up series to Nightfall, which was broadcast on CBC radio in Canada in the early 1980's.

The Testing of Stanley Teagarden

A woman, Rose, is travelling with a friend on an airplane to Jamaica. She makes friends with a psychometrician, Stanley Teagarden, who is obsessed with personality tests as part of his work for an insurance company. He is also severely paranoid claiming that seemingly unrelated events can cause particular outcomes, such as swimming too far out to sea can get a woman pregnant. At the resort, the three spend their time together where Rose is introduced to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test as he describes his time spent testing himself. As Rose asks more questions about the tests, the answer she gets become more strange and terrifying.


Bartender Roger notices that a previously regular hasn't be seen in a while. He begins to be plagued by more disappearances including his car, which he reports missing to the police. At his mother's, he discovers two former school friends are getting married but can't remember aspects of them. On his way to work, he finds a building has disappeared causing him to lost while walking resulting in him being late. His friend and colleague, Linda, suggests that he is shedding memories he no longer needs, and his mother finds that his apartment is also bare. A record store also goes missing, and eventually Linda and her apartment also vanish. As his memory continues to fade, Roger forgets everything about his life and the world.

The Rescue

Michael is an autistic child, and his marine-biologist parent Jeff struggles to connect with him. A position has opened up for Michael to go into a special school, though he argues with his daughter Miriam about whether it is the best thing for him. However, taking him to the pool which houses dolphins currently being used in a research project leads them to discover that Michael can interpret the dolphin communication and talk to the animals. Six months later, and further experiments, lead to incredible developments in Michael's ability to talk to other people though his loss of solitude leads to losing the ability to talk to the dolphins.

Death and the Compass

Lönnrot is a famous detective who sets about investigating the murder of a rabbi in his hotel room. He tries to solve a cryptic message left on the rabbi's typewriter. Several other murders occur with similar clues left at the scene. The detective soon works out that his criminal nemesis Red Scharlach is involved, and that a particular part of the city has yet to be targeted. Believing that the serial killer is murdering people in specific locations which when placed on a map create an equilateral triangle, he heads out to the site of the believed next murder. Lönnrot plans to surprise the murderer, however it is he who ends up surprised.

Cage of Light

In 2116, a mission to find intelligent life in the universe goes awry when just one of the explorers returns. He finds himself with no memory of the journey or events, and is put on trial to determine whether he has committed the biggest sin of exploration service; killing aliens. Explorers are expected to kill themselves to avoid killing other lifeforms, and he cannot explain why his suicide packet was used without killing him, and where the lifeforms he was to contact have disappeared to. To discover what happened, the jury overseeing his case takes a journey into his subconscious.

The Playground

Charlie sets about visiting a playground before bringing his son Jimmy to play at, though encounters a strange reaction while watching the children who are playing. Back home, his wife Susan questions whether it was an anxiety attack due to his bad childhood as he describes that the playground gave him bad feelings. When his wife leaves Jimmy at the playground, Charlie becomes angry when he believes the other children are bullying his son during a game of "tag". On a late night walk, Charlie encounters the son of a former friend who offers him help with the bullying that only Charlie can see. Returning to the playground with Jimmy, Charlie sets about confronting his own demons.

The Baliff and the Women

Adrian Toope, a civil servant in the Department of Social Welfare arrives home for the evening, where he is greeted by his wife and young child. However, he is soon transported to a "dream court" where the outcome of his work is put on trial. The judge hears from a number of women who have been affected by Toope's decision while carrying out his duties. Toope defends himself by quoting rules and regulations, but shows little remorse for the impact he has had. Things get worse for Adrian however when his wife Mary-Anne appears after being called by the women - to testify against him.

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