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The Black Serpent

Holidaying on a Greek island, two friends, Mary and Karen, are spend an afternoon at the beach, while they discuss their third friend Theresa who has met a man on the island. Mary decides to take a walk down the beach, but quickly stops when she spots a large, black snake which heads into the water before Karen can see it. At a bar along Theresa and Jeff, Mary and Karen talk about the snake-sighting though the bar owner dismisses the idea of a snake and recalls a legend of them being driven from the island. Back at the hotel, Theresa proves to be in a rather confrontational mood and ends up arguing with both Mary and Karen resulting in them taking a trip to a museum, where Karen spots a snake exhibit which contains a model of Medusa - identical to the snake she saw on the beach.

Nightmare in Rabbit City

It is the year following that of the rabbit and the powerful elite have abandoned planet Earth for a new frontier leaving leftovers for those who remain. An alien from a warring planet looks for a new world to visit after previous trips to a variety of other celestial bodies and settles on visiting Earth as it remains one of the few places he has yet to visit. Arriving, he encounters a being from another planet with which his own species is at war, though the pair become star-crossed lovers played out through an intergalactic rock opera. The aliens, from the Planet of the Dog and Planet of the Rabbit, also threaten the survival of life on Earth as they struggle to come to terms with their feelings for each other.

The Enormous Radio

Jim and Irene Westcott live in an apartment building in Manhattan, and spend a large amount of time listening to music on the radio. However, their existing radio is failing leaving Jim setting about buying a new one. At home the following day, Irene receives a strange phone call promising her a "monstrous surprise". She also unexpectedly receives a delivery - a large console radio - and on trying to use it, discovers it can pick up conversations from around their building after initially believing the performances are radio plays. Eavesdropping on the ongoing events of the building becomes a regular occurrence for Irene, where she discovers the intimate details of people around them and begins to affect her mentally. The apparent sordidness of other people's lives may not be too far away in their relationship however.

Curse of the Unnamed Planet

Flano is drinking in a bar and being served by bar droid Wanno. She is approached by a man, who questions why she is in the bar while hitting on her. She retorts that she is drinking to forget having resigned from her job as a scout at the intergalactic agency. She relates the story of her mission in which she was assigned to send bot X-12 on reconnaisance on an unnamed planet while disguised as a child. The mission has him encounter other children though X-12 struggles to understand the behaviour of the beings on the planet. He eventually believes he is being chased by beings from the planet, and becomes desperate to return to the ship. However, X-12 the process is interrupted due to solar flares and results in Flano having to leave X-12 stuck on the planet.

This episode was expanded into a four part series, named the The Unnamed Planet Tetralogy in 1987.

Secret Ceremony

An aging prostitute encounters a mentally disabled young woman on the street, and ends up involved in a case of mistaken identity when the woman believes she is her mother. Being lead into a grand ornate house where the young woman lives alone, she discovers she is called Cecilia, and ends up playing along as the deceased mother, believing that she is onto a good thing. Initially unsure about whether to continue with the situation, she eventually settles into the role as the mother and discovers that Cecilia and her distant family have more skeletons in the cupboard than her dead mother, particularly when two older family members turn up at the house with the intent on stealing what is left of anything with value.

In the Groove

In Lonesome Creek during August, father and son Gary and Josh settle down at a camp before intending on carrying their trip in the morning. Josh brings up the topic of him being sent to live with his father, though is irritated that he hasn't been consulted. Conversation also turns to them having just visited Grandma Weaver after a stroke, and who Josh believed didn't recognise them during their visit, which has his father believing he needs to learn more about the human brain. Returning to a cafe they visited the previous day for breakfast, they encounter a strange man who reveals he suffers from epilepsy and goes on to describe an odd procedure which he supposedly experienced involving a brain swap with a little girl, and promptly scares Josh off while Gary remains deeply interested.

Soft Landscape

A couple, Sheldon and Lisa, take ownership of land which they hope to one day build a home on as they continue to search for a current place to live, though Lisa proves particuarly picky. The situation has Sheldon questioning whether Lisa actually wants to live with him, and suggests his plans to build a house of the land are fantasy due to the cost. She does however agree to meet Brett, an architect, who has offered to design their potential new home. Also meeting Brett's partner Nadiya, the pair begin to ask probing questions about their lives to plan out the ideal home which leaves Lisa particularly unsettled by the pair. When the architects reveal their proposed plans, Sheldon and Lisa soon find their entire lives mapped out for them which proves straining.

The Nine Billion Names of God

Mr Honestchuck, a busy computer programmer is under financial pressure due to money he owes, and is also having to deal with strange men in orange robes waiting for his answer to their proposition. They reveal they are monks from Nepal who want to contract Honestchuck to collect and print out the nine billion names of God, in the hope that once the task is complete, God will end the illusionary universe they live in and start a new better world. Resisting their offer, the monks set up camp in Mr Honestchuck's outer-office in a battle of wills which he eventually loses and agrees to head to Nepal. While at their home, Mr Honestchuck learns to appreciate the world before setting about work on completing their request while hoping to help the monks in the belief that their prediction will fail.

Shoot the Unicorn

Head of Photoworld, Matt Brady has a meeting with renowned photo-journalist Jack who has a proposal about a piece on a lost Amazon tribe of people known as the Unicorn, who are threatened by a Brazilian government proposal to build a highway through their land. Jack plans to take pictures of the trible and intends to do this using a camera which has been installed in his eye. Eventually the two men agree, with Jack taking all of the risks of the project though assigning copyright to Photoworld. Arriving by way of a plane crash after an engine failure, he is taken in by the tribe who he discovers believe that a picture of them is able to steal their soul and transport them to a sister world, which has Jack throw away his usual camera equipment into a nearby river to earn their trust, though begins to take photographs using his eye camera with disastrous results.

The Language of the Flowers

Henry Herman works in a bank in a stressful job which sees him transferred around the world, startin a new garden in each new home. After years of faithful service, Henry is being retired five years early, which leaves his wife questioning whether they should move to downsize and save some money, though Henry is keen on retaining his current outside space. He is given an orchid from India as a gift for his retirement, though on bringing it home, his wife remarks that it has an evil quality about it and refuses to have it in the house. Despite her objections, Henry keeps it in the house and takes to tending to it carefully, where he quickly discovers it has a personality which reacts to the attention he gives it. Relations with his wife become strained almost immediately.

The Last 30 Days of Charles L. Danforth

In August, Charles L. Danforth awakes to the rain pouring and prepares to attend an appointment with a doctor. Arriving in the reception area, he spends some time observing the fish bowl before entering the office to see Dr. Joe Senior rather than his son as usual. Charles describes symptoms he has been suffering with including numb arms and itching skin with the doctor suggesting that Charles is turning into a fish with the recommendation to stay wet before promptly leaving much to Charles surprise as he ponders whether the doctor is deranged. Attempting to proceed with his life with an attendance to a company party, Charles is unable to shake his growing obsession with all things fish-like, he recognises that he is slowly beginning to turn into a fish alongside his colleague Anna who he has an encounter with after the party, and apparently everyone else as the rain continues to fall.

Past Imperfect

An inventor, Corlass, is visited and helped by his self-serving nephew Roger. Corlass however quickly sees his plan for what it is, to obtain money for his self-indulgence and instead suggests he can work for the money by being a guinea pig in one of his experiments - a time travel machine which looks like a portable radio. The experiment is shown to be a success despite Roger's worries, and he quickly identifies potential get-rich-quick schemes, though Corlass is keen on using the device only for scientific exploration. Roger manipulates his uncle and manages to send him back five million years in time. Roger sets about becoming rich, though discovers heading back in time can cause more problems than it solves while his efforts to win the heart of the wealthy Andrea also fail when he manages to blot himself out of existence.

The Count's Wife

Giorgio is married to Lucina, a beautiful young woman, and discovers as they are in bed together that a bump has appeared on her shoulder blade. The following morning, a second bump also appears on the other side with feathers. He demands that she tell him the truth and questions her about who she has seen and ponders whether she has interracted with gypsys or someone playing a joke. Lucina dismisses them as inconsequential as they continue to grow, leaving Giorgio to look for a solution which leads to her flying away while demonstrating her wings. Upon her return, Giorgio forbids her from using her wings and takes to keeping her profile low for fear of newspaper headlines and curious people as she begins to see her freedom taken away and her life has become miserable.

Children's Eyes

A man, Charlie, packs his bags ready to pay a visit to his elderly parents for the first time in a while along with his daughter Megan. Charlie however is reluctant to see them as he recalls time from his youth and helping his father with his psoriasis which leads him to obsessing over medical conditions increasing with age. Arriving at his parents home, he discovers that his father, Charles, has a number of additional physical ailments since the last time they met. The situation continues to play more on Charlie's mind as he remembers periods from Charles' life when he was more able while his mother's remarks about how quickly Megan is growing also begins to bother Charlie though it becomes difficult to identify what is real and what is simply in Charlie's mind.

Split Second

Serveant Grace is asked her opinion by Mrs Ellis on a present for her nine year old daughter Susan, before settling on purchasing her a watch. Returning home after a walk, Mrs Ellis finds that her key no longer works in the door and shouting for Grace reveals a man she doesn't recognise. Being let into the house by the man, she discovers everything is different and the present occupiers are unsure of who she is. The police soon arrive and set about taking Mrs Ellis down to the station for further questioning. Despite her being able to get the names of places all correct, which leaves the police officers confused, Mrs Ellis place in time seems to become uncertain as she becomes more concerned about the whereabouts of her daughter.

Mom's Home Cooking

Elderly couple Cooney and Elvira are bought a ticket for a night-time bus trip mystery tour which heads north into Canada, though Cooney is less than pleased at spending so much time on a bus. They are also joined by some of their friends Mary and Phil and where they end up discussing their families though Elvira becomes upset at discovering that Cooney spoke to Mary on the phone. Discussion also turns to an Englishman in an odd hat sat in the back row that no one else has seen, in between other conversations and griping about their lives, before a remark about a recent movie surrounding an alien driving a bus and taking a busload of people to an old-fashioned diner.

A Kissing Way

Financial brokerage work colleagues, Barbara and Philip, head out to the theatre before moving onto a bar for drinks. After an enjoyable night, Philip quickly becomes irate in the rowdy bar at the noise and bartender, while as discussion turns to work, his poor performance the previous month begins to bubble further anger and derision. Soon leaving, Barbara encounters an old friend outside before getting into Philip's car for a lift home though soon finds that he is an unhinged psychopath when he refuses to take her home. As Philip continues to drive into the countryside, Barbara tries to reason with him about the situation and offer ways to help and finds that his severe anger at the world and her own anger with herself run deep.

The Man Who Liked Dickens

Mr. Henry is venturing through the remotest parts of the Amazon rainforest and becoming delirious from the perilous journey. He encounters Mr. McMaster, a lone inhabitant of the forest, who speaks English and helps him by providing medication and the chance to rest. During his rest, Henry has flashbacks to events throughout the night before eventually coming around and feeling better. McMaster is delighted at the thought of having someone else join him and remarks about his last visitor who used to spend his time reading the works of Charles Dickens to him. Mr. Henry offers to start by reading Bleak House to McMaster as a show of gratitude, while McMaster is less than keen on allowing Henry to leave.

Snow Shadow Area

The storm of the century brings heavy snow and ice a small town, and results in the residents being able to do very little but wait for the conditions to improve. Also in the midst is a killer who begins to mutilate children, with initially eight having been killed with no arrests being made. A father describes the desperate situation and becomes more exasperated and anxious as he dictates into a cassette recorder. The killer is able to start killing children in their own bedrooms and many families have been affected by the events. As food gets scarce and communication with outside becomes difficult, the military move in and impose martial law, before arresting the man and using the tapes as evidence after being tipped off by his wife.

A Small Good Thing

A woman, Anne, picks a birthday cake for her son Scotty and arranges for collection on the following Monday. The following Monday, Scotty is with his friend and thinking he has heard a school bell, darts into traffic where he is hit by a car, though only injured slightly. Heading home and not feeling well, he collapses leading Anne to rush him to hospital where she is met by her husband Howard. With Scotty stabilised in a deep sleep, Howard heads home to change and receives a strange phone call informing that a cake has not been collected or paid for. Howard dismisses the call as a crank caller, though the calls continue as the pair struggle to understand why Scotty is unable to wake up. When Scotty passes away, the calls continue leading the pair to confront the baker.

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

Claire is in pain at the hospital as she goes on to give birth to a baby girl, who she immediately claims isn't hers, claiming in an apparent hallucination that it only has two legs. Her partner Dave is worried, though his chat with the doctor suggests the situation will get better. Six weeks later and back at home, Claire continues to talk about them being alien beings after having more odd dreams, and is distant from Dave. With pressures of work also taking hold, the pair begin to crack due to a lack of sleep which is further exacerbated by her mother having a stroke. Dave seeks further help from the doctor when Claire's behaviour gets weirder as she claims the baby cries all the time because she knows they don't belong.

Looking for a Quiet Place

Mary heads home from work to her partner Nick, though is not looking forward to the busy subway journey home, due to her hatred of noise. Arriving home late to Nick playing loud music, he accuses her of being with former school friend Wayne. He also reveals that he has been fired from his job in between a discussion about the their forthcoming baby. Nick meanwhile continues to spend a lot of nights out late though refuses to tell Mary where he goes. Mary contemplates leaving her own job despite the advice of one of her colleagues. The lives of the pair continue to diverge as Mary comes to the conclusion that they don't talk to each other as her life comes to the question as to whether her problem is really Nick or the noise of life.

Azure Blue

Long-married couple Steven and Anne are heading home from a friends' dinner party and take to complaining about each others habits as their deep-seated hatred of each other comes out. With conversation turning to whether their friend's marriage is happy, Anne resorts to trying to start an argument as they arrive home before running into the house. Inside, Anne announces she is leaving her husband before collapsing. Being rushed to hospital for surgery, Anne recovers though Steven takes two months off his psychiatric work. Anne takes to becoming a recluse in the bedroom, while the pressure also has Steven struggling mentally. However, despite the situation, it may end up being the change that both need.


Virginia has been cryogenically frozen though her time in freezing still allows her to continue to have thoughts. Being revived in 1997 after ten years, she awakens early to her nurse before being introduced to her orienteer Bill McLoughlin who will guide her back into the world. He reminds her of the repressed memory of a liuekemia diagnosis she had prior to the cryogenic treatment being issued, which has resulted in the last six months of her life before freezing being forgotten. Director of Cryonics, Tom Higgins, arrives to see the patient though is angered that she is unable to remember him as the pair were in love prior to her treatment. Bill however can't help his own feelings building for the woman and takes advice from colleague Miss Harding.

All the Way

Actor RJ Campbell is given a part in a police training event alongside his friend Joanna in which they will play terrorists for training purposes. Joanna has doubts about the safety as the police officers are not being informed of the training exercise, though RJ is excited at the prospect at not having a script to follow and is given twelve days to prepare his character by exercise commander Bradshaw. Discussing the plan with Bradshaw in which they will rob a bank for a freedom organisation, RJ contemplates the possibility of really "letting go" in his performance. The day of the event arrives and RJ decides to start the exercise early, lead officer Wayne struggles to gain control of the situation from RJ who is deviating from the rules agreed.

A Silent Agreement

Unable to sleep, Henry has the radio playing non-stop music and light on much to his wife's annoyance. Meanwhile, his son Tom and wife Julie are travelling in a car on the way to visit their parents though attempting a non-stop twenty-three hour journey. Tom is intent on settling an argument from the previous year and keen to arrive quickly which results in almost having a car accident while overtaking a slower driver. At the same time, Henry becomes unwell resulting in his wife calling for an ambulance where he is diagnosed as having a stroke. At the hospital, Henry is in a coma though is able to have thoughts and hear Tom who arrives to talk out his feelings as Tom also has his own medical news.

The Ultimate Threshold

On the planet Sym-Kri, a master mechanic named Velt has constructed the House of Death which he pins as his greatest achievement. However, Velt comes to stand before the door to face the challenge of his own creation. He recalls how he was hand-picked after being seen playing in which he constructed marvellous items which lead him on to a university degree where he is taught by lecturer Master Carrick where he is brought in to teach at the university. The Supreme Keeper tasks him with building the House of Death which will get rid of people of the "old order" which is anyone deemed unworthy, however Velt is accused of being the only one to disavow Carrick, resulting in him having to confess his sins.

The Rising of the North

A children's show named What If?, hosted by Doctor Dandy and his partner Miss Candy, ponders the question of what would happen during a water shortage in America. They are joined by "Mr. President" on the show who goes on to describe the problem with riots occurring in cities. His first step however is to "sleep on it", before awakening to reveal his plan is to invert the Earth's magnetic field to cause the water to flow southwards, impacting Canada severely. The show looks at the impact on various people, as the water floods southwards and causes the Statue of Liberty to be submerged resulting in the American's setting about attacking the Soviet Union as North America becomes destabilised.

Death of a Physicist

Physicist Abrahart Kowolski sees his partner Ava off at the station as she heads to her parents farm, leaving him back home to complete some of his work on the speed of light and theory of relativity. He is visited by a police officer a few days later who is inquiring about the death of a young woman - Ava - on whose body a postcard addressed to Abrahart was found. After the officer leaves, Abrahart receives a phone call from Ava who states they only have thirty seconds to speak before she becomes to weak and reveals she was poisoned after eating mushrooms and her love for him. The situation sets Abrahart looking for the best way to reunite loved ones in the afterlife using his scientific knowledge where he begins to believe the dead are constantly moving relative to the living.

A Communicable Disease

Radio show host Norm and producer Selma are facing the axe of their show Our Lives as they attempt to investigate deaths by an unknown cause. Fearing that the decision has been made by head office in Ottawa, they recount their story to a influential bishop of which a contagious disease appears to be affecting yuppies. Showing a recent film featuring mother Gloria, they spot some anomalies such as her shadow being in the wrong place and starting to have problems with her left-hand, before heading into a delirious state before dying. Another feature of the film, Wally Michaelson, takes to spending vast amounts of money on various questionable investment schemes, before collapsing and expiring the following day. Norm and Selma both posit the disease to possibly spread throughout the wealthy and desirable.

Closing Night

The director of a travelling theatre company, Ron, discusses the pressures of his work with his daughter as they struggle to contend with the difficulties of the tour. She encourages him to visit a doctor to have a checkup as they wait for a train to arrive with their stars aboard. The bus arrives at a rundown hotel which actress Janey immediately claims is haunted. Upon entering, the actors discover the place has been shut for four years and is empty of other guests as Janey continues to claim it was host to a mysterious incident leading to its closure. While alone in his room, Ron has an encounter with a seemingly familiar ghost - Anne - who has been hoping to catch him alone for an interview.

The Right One

Book store owner Phil has arrived at his wedding day and begins to consider his options. Recalling the story of how they met, he was previously in between relationships, he meets Lisa who works at a health food shop and the two hit it off. Phil is also living with roommate with Karl who has a rather selfish approach to women which leads to Phil questioning him about whether he is doing the right thing. He also begins to recall his other loves and the impact on his life, which is made more complicated by ex-girlfriend Tracey turning up to wish him well. Lisa arrives at the church as he continues to battle with the quandry of listening to the voice telling him to leave, while another suggests he is doing the correct thing.

The Doctor and the Soul

A woman is a new patient attending a therapy session where she reveals to the doctor that she has dreamed about her friend Alice's funeral before also taking to questioning the psychiatrist about his methods. In another session, she describes her recent dream in which the psychiatrist plays a part as a puppet master. The two become closer throughout their sessions as the woman takes to standing outside her doctors house in an attempt to influence his dreams. The woman and her psychiatrist begin to share the same dreams, as the doctor continues to believe his patient is always around, which begins to cause friction with his wife as she believes he is having an affair, while his attempts to end the dreams fail.

The Most Beautiful Woman in Town

Writer Henry "Hank" Chinaski is a tobacco-stained barfly who receives phone calls from fans much to his irritation. Heading to a lively regular bar, he meets Cass in the middle of a fight where he finds himself confined by the passion of her character and her chaos as a self-destructive prostitute. Heading back to Henry's place, she reveals she was in a convent until a few weeks ago and the two go on to build a rapport as their relationship blooms. However, things begin to sour when Cass has to be bailed out of jail after another bar fight, as she proves difficult to handle when they begin to argue, which leads Henry to take a break in Sacramento for three months. However, he feels the pull of a return to Los Angeles to check on Cass.

Open Wide

Tim visits the dentist for the first time since he was fifteen having developed a fear during his teenage years, though decides on a visit for his young daughter Jenny's sake. The dentist is assisted by assistant Debbie who reassure him about the procedure before providing Nitrous Oxide as they begin. The procedure continues without a problem, though Tim is informed he will have to return for further work soon. On arriving home, Tim recalls the events to his wife Dona and recalls some of the weird sensations he felt while in the chair while include feeling like he had been there before. Heading to see Jenny, his daughter falls from the swing while playing leading Tim to having to take her to hospital with a broken arm and damage to her jaw, which causes her to lapse into a coma which leads Tim to blame his trip to the dentist as the source of his problems.

Certain Distant Suns

Nineteen year old Hannah narrates the story of her aunt Bessie who loses her belief in God and just about everything else in life. Her mother Marie is annoyed as she refuses to cook the family meal this year, despite having the time and means with the accusation that she is turning her back on the family, though Hannah is impressed by her following through on her convictions. Bessie also takes to losing her trust and starts keeping money at home and only paying in cash, despite Marie's insistence that it would be a problem. However, despite this, she begins to prosper in life as Hannah sees her mother bogged down by petty details while Bessie becomes free. As Hannah prepares to be married to partner Ray, she is disappointed by Bessie who doesn't come to the church posing questions about the effect of her beliefs.

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