Voices in the Valley

1. The Barrowbeck Survey

It is 2048 where the country is being consumed by heavy rain waters caused by climate change. Heading to the strange, remote village of Barrowbeck in Yorkshire alongside new girl Natalie, the pair set about completing the quarterly survey where the houses are waist deep in water in the valley. Natalie spends her time in the village doing things by the book, including taking samples and noting the structural state of the buildings. The pair travel via boat to the church, where the situation involving the church and former cemetery is described as well as the people who had to move from the village as the river finally got the better of them. Completing their work, they stop the boat to listen to the sounds of the village where noises begin to stir.

2. A Strange Case

Abigail Calvert has been found dead by the river in Fitch Wood, Barrowbeck, in 1782, with two local men accused of her murder. Squire Underwood is discussing the case with Reverend Ousewick and Mr Kennet. Kennet goes on to theorise that her father may have been involved as the family were poor and Abigail was believed to be pregnant, with the possibility of incest causing being a potential for family embarrassment. The story of Abigail's ventures leading up to her death had her father recall that she had been spending time in the woods alongside the river where he came to believe that something had stolen his daughters body after following her and seeing her doing odd things. However, the death may be much more supernatural than anyone could possibly believe.

3. After the Fair

4. A Few May Creep Back

5. Natural Remedies

6. Pity

7. The Haven

8. The Sisters

9. The Celestial Event

10. The God Stone