Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully


The small village of Cresdon Green is invaded by the space aliens known as the Geonin lead by a war lord named Uljabaan. Most of the village seem to be fairly happy with the situation however. The aliens are planning to use the people of the village as test subjects, and try to begin learning about humans, though the first plan of setting up a pub doesn’t quite go to plan.

Series 1

1. Taking Overs

The aliens attempt to control weather in the village though they have some technical failures, so to distract the villagers, the aliens challenge them to a cricket match. In the process of setting up a social media website to aid the world takeover by the aliens, the aliens leave a computer logged in which allows a message to be sent out and an attempt to destroy the machine.

2. Minimum Volume

Uljabaan decides to put Katrina in an advisory role for controlling literature, though she plans to use her new position to interrupt his plans. Spending so much time on her new work, fellow resistance member Lucy threatens to throw her out of the group. The resistance take to attacking the spaceship, and Katrina quits her position when she realises what she is doing is helping the aliens.

3. Power Block

Katrina comes home to find her mother talking with Uljabaan, where he reveals the Geonin are building something. Returning to the ship, Lucy has been caught trying to escape. Questioning why the minions have been leaving the force-field, Uljabaan refuses to say. As Katrina and Lucy plan a way to warn the outside about the new building, they eventually find what is being constructed.

4. Little Green Lights

Uljabaan awaits a visit from his superior to see how the invasion is going. Uljabaan tries to negotiate a human child sacrifice with Margaret, which is custom when a superior visits, but ends up enjoying chicken instead which is arranged by Katrina and results in Lucy being detained. Richard's suggestions also mean that Earth may become a Geonin call-center.

Series 2

1. Counter Plot

Uljabaan has taken over six allotment plots for an experiment in which he is growing Geonin native plants. Katrina is concerned that he's arrested Lucy when she finds her gone from the hole that they are digging under the force-field. Uljabaan's commandeering of the allotment plots sparks an angry meeting from the allotment committee.

2. Tempting Fete

A meeting discussing the upcoming cake sale for the village summer fete devolves into a fight over Parkin. Lucy borrows Kat's guitar and comes up with a satirical song about Uljabaan and the invasion, which angers him. Kat takes the opportunity to become her manager. Richard also gets some news from the Computer which has taken up fortune telling.

3. Questioning Loyalties

Uljabaan begins issuing loyalty cards to villagers as rewards for their collaboration. Katrina's and Lucy's plans after they kidnap one of his minions, and park keeper Laurence alerts Uljabaan. Richard's chances of winning the pub quiz have also been dented, when the Computer joins Laurence's team. Lucy is also angry that Margaret is trying to chop down their pear tree chopped down.


Attempting to create a flag, Uljabaan takes help from the computer on the design but discovers it has a virus. Kat has also bought a scanner for her father for his old photographs which include her in blackface and as a goth. Uljabaan sets about arresting Kat for planting the virus, and ends up arguing with the computer which sets about destroying the village by shrinking the forcefield.

5. Testing Times

Katrina decides she is setting up a school to allow Lucy to finish her A Levels, and prove Lucy's father wrong that she is wasting her life. It is also planned as a way to show Uljabaan they are free to make their own choices. Uljabaan however plans to eradicate all qualifications once his takeover is complete, and sets Lucy a time limit of three months to take the exams which he is confident she will fail.

6. Exit Strategy

Uljabaan finds he is to receive an assessment visit in two days. He also finds Lucy has damaged his matter manipulator and has them arrested. Back on the ship, he asks Lucy and Katrina to ensure he fails his assessment so he can return home. Katrina's parents however wonder about the effects of their village returning the real world, while Katrina plans on shooting the assessor when she criticises Earth.