Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Run-through

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the second in the line of Mega Drive/Genesis games in the Sonic series. Some people believe it was the best edition (though personally I prefer Sonic 3), though it does have some great levels and feels like a longer game than Sonic 3.

We start off in Emerald Hill Zone which features plenty of greenery, hill, bridges, twists and loops. On the way are a number of Badniks including the coconut throwing Coconuts, jumping Masher, and the irritating Buzzer.

The caves are a good source of items including rings, lives, and invincibility screens so be sure to check them out. Take care however as the fireballs from a nearby Buzzer can pass through the walls and hit you.

The scenery is fairly nice throughout the level and features a number of waterfalls which can be jumped down.

The various horizontal corkscrews are quick to traverse but be careful not to slow down too much otherwise they can be fallen off – often onto spikes or Badniks,

At the end of the second act, Robotnik helicopters into a moving car which a spinning spear on the front. He needs to be hit seven times for the vehicle to be destroyed, but on the sixth hit he fires off the spear leaving him defenceless.

The various rabbits and birds which live in Emerald Hill Zone will be released from the capsule once opened.

The next zone is the Chemical Plant Zone.