Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Run-through (Chemical Plant Zone)

Chemical Plant Zone is a mixture of contrasting and dull colours. It have numerous paths with floating platforms, loops and pipes.

The various paths offer a different experience each time. Take care to check side locations for hidden lives and shields.

Moving between areas using the pipes means travel is quick, though each pipe potentially offers two destinations, so you may never know where you end up. Badniks also line the way.

The zone has a couple of hazards to beware of including crushing by moving blocks, and moving blue orbs which either leap from the floor or travel up and down in tighter areas.

The spider-like Grabber Badnik is sometimes tricky to avoid so Tails may have to help. The weakness tends to be they hold Sonic for several seconds before inflicting damage which allows for Tails to destroy them.

The second act sees parts of the level filled with Robotnik’s ooze called Mega Mack. Sonic only has a limited time in the liquid before drowning so the key is to move carefully and stay out where possible.

Robotnik is relatively tough for new players on this level. He fills a tank up with Mega Mack before dumping it on Sonic to inflict damage. Although Robotnik has no defense, being hit by the ooze can cause Sonic to fall through the moving floor to his death.

The next zone is the Aquatic Ruin Zone.