Andrew Steele



Tutorial Download Version Last update Description
Python Gtk 3 Tutorial Learn to use the Gtk 3 toolkit with Python 3
Pygtk Tutorial Discover Python 2 and Gtk 2 widget toolkit


A collection of Bash and Python scripts I have written which I hope will be useful. Each of them is released under the GNU General Public License v3.

Script Version Last update Description
lipsum a lipsum text generator for creating placeholder text (Python)
lipsumlist a lipsum generator producing bullet list strings (Python)
netcheck check local and network connections are functional (Bash)
isup check whether a website is operational (Bash)
numeral convert roman numerals to a numerical value (Python)
tinyurl show the destination of address (Bash)
arcpack archiver which creates password-protected 7zip or zip files (Bash)
showmyip display local and external IP addresses (Bash)
colquik convert Hex-to-RGB and RGB-to-Hex colour values (Python)
dec2bin display a given decimal value in binary (Python)
num2word output word version of a range of numerical values (Python)
xtable output a ten times table for a given value (Python)
anyupdates query if apt has any updates and prompt to install (Bash)
elemental view basic periodic table information in the terminal (Python)
postie lookup two-letter UK postcode values (Bash)
tel lookup UK telephone area codes (Bash)
tld top-level domain lookup programme (Bash)
mimefind quick lookup of a file extensions usual mimetype (Bash)
rmext remove all files matching the provided file extension (Bash)




Also in progress is A Screenshot History Of..., screenshots of a number of different Linux distributions over the years.