Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever was a 2020 YouTube series by John Finnemore which ran throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period. The show features the character Arthur Shappey of Cabin Pressure who records his time in the granny annex of his mother's house while in self-isolation. In total, twenty-six episodes were produced.

Episode 1

Now in self-isolation from a trip and has to stay in the granny annex, and is using his friend John's YouTube channel. As well as Arthur learning to play the piano, Arthur, Douglas, Martin, Carolyn and the others have taken to playing games via instant messaging, with the theme being self-isolation movies.

Episode 2

Settling in to life in the flat, Arthur has brilliant news of seeing a mouse in the flat. He is under orders not to catch or feed it in exchange for Carolyn not calling in the exterminators. Arthur is also not supposed to name the mouse, but is willing to listen to suggestions from others.

Episode 3

Arthur is trying to get into a routine, and is spending an hour sitting on the stairs in the sun and reading some books. He has decided to read the first bit of each book, to decide which book to finish. The mouse has also been sighted, however it appears to be changing colour, as well as deciding on the name.

Episode 4

In Mastermind style, Arthur answers yes or no questions for a game to allow guesses on what is inside a tin. This involves asking twenty questions with Arthur responding, and the answer is to be revealed in the next episode.

Episode 5

Carolyn has been watching Arthur's videos, and tasks him with sorting out the junk in the granny annex. However, Arthur decides to make a marble course. As to the guesses of the object in the tin, the answer is revealed.

Episode 6

In week two of isolation, Herc is teaching Arthur how to play chess. However, his struggles to remember what move each chess piece can be made are slightly complicated by other games and a Trojan horse.

Episode 7

Arthur's two weeks of quarantine are over, and he has planned on going for a walk. Herc, Douglas and Arthur have also decided to keep away from Carolyn which is absolutely not down to her age. Arthur also can't return to his flat due to one of the flatmates having a cough.

Episode 8

At the online crew meeting, Arthur discovers that he is growing a beard after not shaving due to no razor. He also reads out the short-form names he has been sent, and makes up short poems from book titles.

Episode 9

Arthur reads out more poems made from book titles. He has also received a question about what recipes he has come up with which includes making pudding look likes fish fingers and chips, known as "backwards meals".

Episode 10

Easter has arrived, and Arthur has received a number of "backwards meal" suggestions. Arthur and Douglas have also hidden five Easter Eggs around the granny flat, which require solving of puzzles to find.

Episode 11

Arthur reveals the winners of the Easter egg puzzle hunt. There is also some competition which emerges between Herc and Douglas occurs when Douglas gets another competition clue wrong, much to Carolyn's delight. Douglas also plots some new puzzles in an attempt to make up.

Episode 12

Carolyn and Arthur play a game of twenty questions through the wall and via video conference, with an item that Carolyn has found in the attic. Viewers are invited to leave their guesses with the answer being revealed in the next episode.

Episode 13

The item from Carolyn's attic is revealed, and the crew have been trying to work out the best thing in the world by way of an elimination game. Arthur tells us his "best thing" in the world. He also invites everyone to send them their choices.

Episode 14

Arthur takes to hosting his show 'Sport, Sport Sport' where he pretends to be a sports show announcer, and has also written a song to introduce it. The 'What is the best thing in the world?' competition however is being played, and he reveals some of the examples sent in since the last episode.

Episode 15

One of the mice, Fizz has gone missing and Arthur has made a poster to enquire if any of the neighbours have seen it. However, the airline crew wonder as to whether it will work as Arthur's descriptive information struggles to get to the point.

Episode 16

Arthur has received lots of reports of mice from viewers around the world, and shares some of the pictures sent in which may not all be mice. Fizz also makes a reappearance when he discovers a cereal box with a hole in it. He also finds that Fizz has given birth.

Episode 17

Carolyn has found out about the increasing number of mice, and the viewers have sent in names which can be used for the babies. Taking an idea from Douglas, he uses the tiles from a Bananagrams game to produce the names which are Amput, Noz, Croin, Pry, and Bun.

Episode 18

This week, Arthur has invented a new way of reading. As he has been doing a lot of reading during isolation and has enjoyed reading all the Sherlock Holmes books. He has now started to make up stories using other books to make an entirely new adventure.

Episode 19

Arthur has discovered that his beard is now long enough to hold pencils and pens in, which he thinks will be useful when he is back on the plane. He also starts a competition in seeing how many can be stored at one time.

Episode 20

'Sport, Sport, Sport' returns with an update on the hair-pencil game with a variety of entrants having sent in pictures. Arthur's previous record of eight pencils is quickly beaten.

Episode 21

Government changes mean that Arthur can head to his apartment with his new flatmates, though the three have decided to wait a month. The hair-pencil competition also has a late entrant who manages to get more than one hundred pencils in her hair. Douglas also has some new puzzles to be solved.

Episode 22

The weather has become hot, and Arthur is considering shaving off the beard he has grown during lockdown. In other news, Douglas is found to have made a mistake when issuing one of the puzzle seen in the last episode. The answers to said puzzles are also revealed.

Episode 23

Planning on moving back into their old flat, Arthur and his flatmates discover that when they left and didn't inform the landlord, someone else has moved in. They have found a new place to stay, but the group have to decide who gets which bedroom.

Episode 24

Arthur has lost his voice after having a four-hour sing-song with Carolyn. He takes to playing a game of cherades, introduced by hand-written signs, in which people have to guess the name of films and books.

Episode 25

Arthur is preparing to move into his new flat after resolving the issue with his flatmates and which room they wanted. He has built another Arthur, which sits in a chair and consists of a watermelon for a face, for the family of mice so that he won't be missed.

Episode 26

Arthur has moved to Great Spinwell, and despite missing practicing on the piano, he shows us around his new room. He introduces a scary lamb ornament and door hooks, and receives a surprise present from his mother.