A list of all murders in Diagnosis: Murder.

Multiple murderers or victims are separated by a forward slash, while separate murder-victim connections are separated by new lines.

Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S01E01 Miracle Cure
S01E02 Amnesia
S01E03 Murder at the Telethon
S01E04 Inheritance of Death
S01E05 The 13 Million Dollar Man
S01E06 Vanishing Act: Part 1
S01E07 Vanishing Act: Part 2
S01E08 Shanda's Song
S01E09 The Restless Remains
S01E10 Murder with Mirrors
S01E11 Flashdance with Death
S01E12 Reunion with Murder
S01E13 Lily
S01E14 Guardian Angel
S01E15 Nirvana
S01E16 Broadcast Blues
S01E17 Shaker
S01E18 The Plague
S01E19 Sister Michael Wants You
Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S02E01 Many Happy Returns
S02E02 A Very Fatal Funeral
S02E03 Woman Trouble
S02E04 The Busy Body
S02E05 My Four Husbands
S02E06 Murder Most Vial
S02E07 You Can Call Me Johnson
S02E08 Georgia on my Mind
S02E09 The Last Laugh: Part 1
S02E10 The Last Laugh: Part 2
S02E11 Death by Extermination
S02E12 Standing Eight Count
S02E13 The Bela Lugosi Blues
S02E14 The New Healers
S02E15 Call Me Incontestible
S02E16 A Blast from the Past
S02E17 Playing for Keeps
S02E18 Sea No Evil
S02E19 How to Murder Your Lawyer
S02E20 Naked Babes
S02E21 Death in the Daytime
S02E22 My Baby is Out of This World
Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S03E01 An Innocent Murder
S03E02 Witness to Murder
S03E03 All-American Murder
S03E04 Murder in the Courthouse
S03E05 Murder on the Run: Part 1
S03E06 Murder on the Run: Part 2
S03E07 Love Is Murder
S03E08 Misdiagnosis Murder
S03E09 The Pressure to Murder
S03E10 Living on the Streets Can Be Murder
S03E11 Murder, Murder
S03E12 Murder in the Dark
S03E13 35 Millimeter Murder
S03E14 The Murder Trade
S03E15 Mind Over Murder
S03E16 Murder by the Book
S03E17 FMurder
S03E18 Left-Handed Murder
Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S04E01 Murder By Friendly Fire
S04E02 Murder Can Be Catagious
S04E03 Murder on Thin Ice
S04E04 X Marks the Murder: Part 1
S04E05 X Marks the Murder: Part 2
S04E06 A Model Murder
S04E07 Murder Can Be Murder
S04E08 An Explosive Murder
S04E09 Murder by the Busload
S04E10 A Candidate for Murder
S04E11 The ABCs of Murder
S04E12 Murder in the Family
S04E13 In Defense of Murder
S04E14 A History of Murder
S04E15 Murder Two: Part 1
S04E16 Murder Two: Part 2
S04E17 Hard-Boiled Murder
S04E18 Murder, Country Style
S04E19 Delusions of Murder
S04E20 A Passion for Murder
S04E21 Blood Brothers Murder
S04E22 Physician, Murder Thyself
S04E23 Murder in the Air
S04E24 The Merry Widow Murder
S04E25 Comedy is Murder
S04E26 The Murder of Mark Sloan
Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S05E01 Murder Blues
S05E02 Open and Shut
S05E03 Malibu Fire
S05E04 Deadly Games
S05E05 Slam-Dunk Dead
S05E06 Looks Can Kill
S05E07 Fatal Impact (Part I)
S05E08 Fatal Impact (Part II)
S05E09 Must Kill TV
S05E10 Discards
S05E11 A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste
S05E12 Down and Dirty Dead
S05E13 Retribution: Part 1
S05E14 Retribution: Part 2
S05E15 Drill for Death
S05E16 Rain of Terror
S05E17 Baby Boom
S05E18 Talked to Death
S05E19 An Education in Murder
S05E20 Murder at the Finish Line
S05E21 First Do No Harm
S05E22 Promises to Keep
S05E23 Food Fight
S05E24 Obsession: Part 1
S05E25 Obsession: Part 2
Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S06E01 Resurrection: Part 3
S06E02 Resurrection: Part 4
S06E03 Till Death Do Us Part
S06E04 Wrong Number
S06E05 Blood Will Out
S06E06 Alienated
S06E07 Write, She Murdered
S06E08 Rear Windows '98
S06E09 The Last Resort
S06E10 Murder x 4
S06E11 Dead in the Water
S06E12 Trapped in Paradise
S06E13 Voices Carry
S06E14 Murder, My Suite
S06E15 Murder on the Hour
S06E16 Rescue Me
S06E17 Down Among the Dead Men
S06E18 Never Say Die
S06E19 Trash TV (Part 1)
S06E20 Trash TV (Part 2)
S06E21 Blood Ties
S06E22 Today is the Last Day of the Rest of My Life
Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S07E01 The Roast Male Male / Male
S07E02 Sleeping Murder
S07E03 Bringing Up Barbie
S07E04 Murder at Midterm
S07E05 The Flame
S07E06 The Killer Within
S07E07 Gangland (1)
S07E08 Gangland (2)
S07E09 The Mouth That Roared
S07E10 The Seven Deadly Sins
S07E11 Santa Claude
S07E12 Man Overboard
S07E13 Frontier Dad
S07E14 Too Many Cooks
S07E15 Jake's Women
S07E16 Murder by Remote
S07E17 Teacher's Pet
S07E18 The Unluckiest Bachelor in L.A.
S07E19 A Resting Place
S07E20 Murder at BBQ Bob's
S07E21 Two Birds with One Sloan
S07E22 Swan Song
S07E23 Out of the Past (1)
S07E24 Getting Mad, Getting Even (2)
Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S08E01 Death by Design
S08E02 Blind Man's Bluff
S08E03 Sleight-of-Hand
S08E04 By Reason of Insanity
S08E05 The Patient Detective
S08E06 The Cradle Will Rock
S08E07 Hot House
S08E08 All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Die
S08E09 Confession
S08E10 Playing God
S08E11 Less Than Zero
S08E12 Sins of the Father (Part 1)
S08E13 Sins of the Father (Part 2)
S08E14 You Bet Your Life
S08E15 Bachelor Fathers
S08E16 Being of Sound Mind
S08E17 Dance of Danger
S08E18 The Red Shoes
S08E19 No Good Deed
S08E20 Deadly Mirage (Part 1)
S08E21 Deadly Mirage (Part 2)
S08E22 The Blair Nurse Project