Monk Murders

The page databases all the murders in the television series Monk.

Some episodes featured multiple murderers or victims and these are represented as follows:

For example, in S01E07 a female and male pair murdered a male victim however in S01E05 a female murderer killed a man and a male murderer killed a woman.

Episode Title Murderer(s) Victim(s)
S01E01E02 Mr. Monk and the Candidate Male Female / Male
S01E03 Mr. Monk and the Psychic Male Female
S01E04 Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale Male Female
S01E05 Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival Female
S01E06 Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum Male Male
S01E07 Mr. Monka and the Billionaire Mugger Female / Male Male
S01E08 Mr. Monk and the Other Woman Male Male / Female / Male
S01E09 Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man Male Female
S01E10 Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation Female / Female / Female / Female Female
S01E11 Mr. Monk and the Earthquake Female Male
S01E12 Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger Female Male
S01E13 Mr. Monk and the Airplane Male / Female Female