Trevor's World of Sport (TV)

Trevor's World of Sport originally started as a seven episode television series in 2003 prior to the radio show which came the following year. It was originally broadcast on Friday night for the first three episodes, before moving to Monday night causing the ratings to drop considerably. Writer Andy Hamilton was particularly displeased with the move.

Episode 1

Trevor is having recurring dreams keeping him awake at night which feature him speaking naked in front of an audience. On arriving at the office, Sammy is arguing on the phone while Barry is manning the reception desk. Racing driver Mark is waiting in Trevor's office, but his wife Mariella is concerned about his mental state, and tries to get Trevor to get him to pull out of the race. Later, Sammy suggests that Trevor is the one who is off kilter after separating from wife Meryl, and that he is bottling up his emotions. After lunch, potential receptionist Heidrun has arrived for an interview though appears somewhat over-qualified. She soon talks herself into the job however. That evening Trevor and Meryl attend son Toby's parents evening, though happens to be late after being cornered by client Ralph. Taking Mark out to lunch, Trevor spots cousin Kirsty and invites her to join them. Mark has written his autobiography and continues to be a little unhinged. Once Mark leaves, Kirsty is revealed to be a psychiatrist and reveals he is probably hyper-manic. Mark's team manager comes in for a meeting, and refuses to prevent Mark from racing - also threatens to sue if Trevor goes to the press. Later that day while watching Toby play hockey, Trevor is having anxiety dreams again. The race is ongoing with another driver crashing out on a wet track; as Mark goes on to win the championship.

Episode 2

After arriving to work on a bicycle, Trevor finds his suggestion of doing it for the environment is dismissed by Sammy. Sammy has taken on a boxer client, much to Trevor's dismay as they had agreed not to represent them. Ralph has arrived with concerns about an advert he is contracted to do, which is going to mock him. Sammy meanwhile is playing hard-ball over a deal for a fight. Young footballer Dean and his club chairman have arrived with Dean having committed a serious foul which appears to be heading for an assault charge. Dean says that he felt stressed and it was deliberate, but refuses to talk about it. After watching Toby at a hockey match, Toby reveals that a guy has been hanging around Meryl. Dean arrives at the office alone, and reveals he has been seeing an underage girl and has since been warned off her by her father. A lawyer arrives to continue the deal on the boxing match, and Sammy talks Trevor into talking to him on his behalf. The lawyer loses his patience and threatens to send some people over from America to kill Sammy. Trevor soon makes a deal on his behalf. At a party that evening, Trevor talks to Dean's chairman who reveals he paid hush money to the father and is selling Dean to Galatasaray. While talking to his boxer client, Sammy finds that his client is beginning to repeat himself and forget things. He goes on to promise Trevor that he'll no longer represent him.

Episode 3

Trevor is trying to convince tennis player Samantha that she has a good sponsorship deal. Barry has won a small amount of money on the lottery, though Sammy suggests the stock market is more his style. Barry that is as much luck as the lottery, and is challenged by Sammy to invest with Sammy offering up £500 for him. Trevor and Sammy take on Scott, an associate to handle some of their workload. Samantha arrives for a meeting and Trevor suggests that the only way to improve her sponsorship money is to start winning matches. Receiving a call from Toby's school, Trevor heads down to speak with the headmaster where he finds Toby is bullying a younger child and finds himself suspended. Meanwhile, Ralph turns up at the office and wants a website parodying him to be taken down. The following day, Trevor and Sammy talk about an offer from a bigger company for a share in the agency. Trevor seems keen on getting out of sports agency in the future, however Sammy dislikes the idea of doing something else. Scott appears well liked by clients as he tells them what they want to hear, though Barry immediately dislike him when he is told to make some coffee while attempting to fix a jammed printer. In the evening, Samantha rings Trevor while upset and talks him into watching her in a charity tournament. Heading out to the tournament with Scott, Trevor finds himself being introduced to a number of famous people by Scott while somewhat unnerves him. He also soon finds Samantha complaining  hysterically about a man taking photographs of her practising. Scott offers to try and resolve the issue.

Episode 4

Trevor is berating Ralph for having a one-night stand with Crystal Smith, a well-known 'shag-and-tell' merchant who runs to the newspapers to sell her story. Barry's share portfolio is also doing very well compared to Sammy's. Trevor initiates damage-limitation and finds that Ralph has also told Crystal a secret about his boss. Theresa and Heidrun try to get the purpose of meeting with VDK out of Sammy, who claims it is simply a 'feeling out' meeting and that nothing will change. Trevor also receives some bad news about friend Max who is in hospital with heart trouble. After the meeting, Sammy suggests that the good-looking lawyer in the meeting working for VDK has an interest in Trevor. Tennis client Samantha arrives fresh after being knocked out in the first-round of a tournament, and is upset over a caricature on a t-shirt she found in Camden Market. Trevor heads out to hospital to see unconscious Max, before heading to Toby's hockey match where his son hits a teammate with his hockey stick during an argument. At a meeting with Crystal Smith and her PR representative, Trevor and Ralph refuse to be blackmailed over how Ralph is described in the article. VDK have upped their offer from the agency, resulting in Sammy and Trevor arguing about it in front of the office. Sammy ends up working late and is drafting an email to Trevor about the issue with Samantha, with Scott offering some advice. When Sammy leaves, he heads to Trevor's office to delete the email Sammy just sent. The following day, Crystal has ran her story which Trevor finds that has been enhanced with Ralph paying the 'ransom' from another piece about his 'Week of Torture'.

Episode 5

At a book release party for a swimming client, Trevor is still contemplating life in the sports agency business. A number of famous guests comment on the meteoric rise of the swimmer. In a taxi after leaving, Trevor posits that their client is taking performance enhancing drugs, and everyone is hinting at it. Back in the office, Barry is wearing the t-shirt featuring Samantha's caricature, with Sammy commenting that he sent an email to stop production. Trevor questions why he did not receive an email clearing it with him, resulting in an argument between the two. Scott arrives and suggests the problem may be with the email system. Heading out to a meeting with VDK, Sammy and Trevor reject the offer but are open to a commercial relationship. As they prepare to leave, the female lawyer asks Trevor to wait as she wants to discuss something - but the pair end up having sex in her car in the car park. When Trevor finds out from the lawyer that VDK would accept a ten percent stake, Sammy accuses Trevor of taking advantage of her but is really upset about Trevor discussing the deal. The following morning, Barry has won his stock market bet with Sammy who hands over the winnings - before giving him a verbal warning for apparently wasting company time. While talking with Scott, Trevor overhears Sammy making a number of comments about him though Scott engineers the situation to ensure that Trevor hears them, resulting in Trevor walking out. Trevor eventually comes back and ends up having a conversation in the toilets with Scott and makes a number of comments about Sammy - which Sammy overhears. Back at the hospital, Trevor is pouring out his feelings to Max who soon awakens to tell Trevor to 'shut the fuck up' as he doesn't want to hear his problems.

Episode 6

Meryl and Trevor reminisce about their meeting, and talk about Max's upcoming funeral as it appears their relationship is somewhat on the mend. Arriving at the office, Trevor finds Sammy giving Barry a formal warning for 'persistent smirking'. Receiving a call from VDK's lawyer who asks Trevor to look in the Telegraph newspaper, he spots that someone has leaked the news about the agency buyout. Confronting Sammy, the pair end up arguing again. Ralph arrives and will not be having his contract renewed for his presenting job. Trevor is at lunch when Scott arrives. Asking his advice, Scott suggests selling his share of the business. Back in the office, he receives a call from an Independent journalist who reveals he was offered the story before it appeared in the Telegraph, but refuses to tell on his source. Later that night, Scott plays Sammy and recommends he also sell his share. The following day, Sammy and Trevor discuss selling their shares, with Sammy thinking he will start something new. Setting up a meeting with VDK, the pair prepare to sign the contracts and are reminded of keeping the deal quiet. When it comes up about the leak, Scott accidentally lets slip that it will probably be impossible to find out who rang the Independent, Trevor immediately sees that Scott has been the leaker and has engineered the situation. Trevor arrives at Meryl's that evening, and the pair spend the night together. The following morning, Meryl suggests it won't happen again as it is a step back in their relationship. At Max's funeral, Trevor finds out from a doctor that it was a heart condition that killed him and not the stress of the job. After the funeral, Sammy reveals to Trevor he has spoken to Scott and threatened him to 'put a dent in his confidence' as the pair appear to improve their relationship.