Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully


Small village Cresdon Green is invaded by the space aliens known as the Geonin, though most of the village seem to be fairly happy with the situation. Planning to use the people of the village as test subjects, the aliens try to begin learning about humans, though the first plan of setting up a pub doesn’t quite go to plan.

Series 1

1. Taking Overs

The aliens attempt to control weather in the village though they have some technical failures, so to distract the villagers, the aliens challenge them to a cricket match. In the process of setting up a social media website to aid the world takeover by the aliens, the aliens leave a computer logged in which allows a message to be sent out and an attempt to destroy the machine.

2. Minimum Volume

3. Power Block

4. Little Green Lights

Series 2

1. Counter Plot

2. Tempting Fete

3. Questioning Loyalties


5. Testing Times

6. Exit Strategy