About Me

I live in Wakefield, after moving from my home-town of Bolton. I have a keen interest in computers and technology, particularly networking and programming. My hobbies and interests include football (both playing and watching), astronomy, and some cycling (when I get chance). I also enjoy reading a variety of books, cartography, and astronomy.

For many years, I’ve maintained a strong interest in Free Software, and other projects around freedom, such as Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap.

Some of my thoughts and experiences on swimming. I used to be a regular swimmer for Bolton Swimming Club when I was younger.

I maintain a collection of books that I’ve read on this page.


I also maintain a website detailing releases of upcoming television shows to DVD and Blu-ray. You can find it at tvshowreleases.co.uk. Updates are usually made three or four times a week.

A number of IT related projects can be found on programmica.com.

Free Information and Free Software

My GitHub profile contains a number of repositories, which I frequently update. You can also view my profile at Stack Overflow.

I enjoy contributing to a number of free information and data projects, such as Wikipedia (My Profile) and OpenStreetMap (My Profile / More Info).

I also occasionally develop search provider plugins for Firefox. You can find more information on how to help, and those which I’ve created/updated on this page.

Another site I contribute to is themoviedb.org, where my profile and list of films I own can be found.