Andrew Steele

Television & Radio Hardware - Amplifiers

An amplifier (also known as a 'booster' or 'signal booster') is used to boost the signal for transmission over longer cable runs, or to serve multiple points which connect to a single aerial.

Use of an amplifier when there is only one point, or on a short cable run is relatively pointless and won't usually result in a meaningful improvement in signal.

Care will need to be taken when using an amplifier, as if the signal is made too strong by boosting it, it may overwhelm the receiver and cause problems similar to those with low signal strength. These problems, without test equipment, can be difficult to solve.

Multiple Points

If the aerial system is to serve multiple points in a premises, and it is unknown whether an amplifier will be needed, it is recommended to first purchase a passive splitter. If each point then receives insufficient signal, a one-way amplifier can be installed to compensate. This is recommended as the amplifier part of an amplified splitter can not be removed if it is unneeded.

Mains amplifiers

Distribution amplifiers