Andrew Steele

Television & Radio Hardware - Cable Construction

This page tries to list the differences between the cable types. The exact differences in some cases can be difficult to find.

When purchasing cable, it is important to buy from a reputable source as there are various sellers who label their product CT100/WF100/etc. though what they sell is not up to the specification. Particular attention should be paid to what is printed on the cable, and be aware of cable which has nothing printed on it.


A now obsolete cable type which has a 1.0mm copper conductor which is surrounded by an air-filled celled plastic cover. On top of the plastic cover is a copper sheet, upon which is a copper braid. CT100 is made by Raydex.

Other brands which match the CT100 specification are Cavel QC100 and Hycomm HYC100.

There are also two other similar types which are obsolete under the names of Webro WC100 and Pope (Belden) H109F.


Contains a foam core surrounding the centre copper conductor. The foam is then enclosed in copper sheeting, and then a copper mesh is placed over that. WF100 is manufactured by Webro.


Nexans is the manufacturer of NX100 cable. It is similar to RG6, however has a tighter braid and a copper sheet beneath. The copper conductor is also surrounded by a plastic covering.


PF100 is effectively identical in construction to WF100, though not quite as good for satellite usage as it has a 4mm thinner diameter. This type of cable is made by Labgear and Philex.


Triax are the manufacturers of TX100. Its construction is much the same as WF100, but it is tougher. It does however have slightly higher losses than WF100.


HD100 is manufactured by Webro, and at first glance looks similar to WF100. However, the primary difference is an extra foil sheet on top of the copper braiding to further protect against interference.


There are thinner and thicker variants of the coaxial cables which all have different purposes – typically relating to flexibility or interference reduction. In most cases, WF100/TX100/HD100 are recommended, with the edge going to WF100 as it is the cheapest of the three.