Andrew Steele

Television & Radio Hardware - Connectors

Co-ax connectors (officially known as Belling-Lee connectors) are generally a dime-a-dozen, however most of them are of very poor quality, often not fitting well on the chosen cable and slipping off when most inconvenient.

It is suggested to find screw on connectors with claws which grip the cable tightly. Brass types also resist corrosion in moist environments as opposed to those made of alloys.

F connectors are also commonly used in satellite and DAB installs, or with particular brands of amplifier. These have the benefit of not being able to pull out of the socket unlike Belling-Lee connectors.

Right-angle Connectors

Right-angle F connectors and Belling-Lee connectors can also be found for installation in tight locations, or to improve the run of the cable. They should be used if a tight bend in the cabling is required, as sharp bends of the cable can significantly impact the signal, as well as cause damage to the insulation.