Andrew Steele

Television & Radio Hardware - Miscellaneous Items

Cable Clips

Cable clips are important to ensure that wherever the cable is run it is securely held in place. It is important to buy the correct size; too big and the cable will fit loose and too small may cause damage to the insulation.

Blowout Covers

Sometimes even careful drilling through brick can not prevent blowouts. This is when the surface of the brick breaks creating a mess around the hole. This can be masked with a blowout cover and some silicone adhesive to affix the cover to the brickwork. They also prevent moisture ingress through the hole.

Cable Tidy Grommet

Provide a neat finish on interior walls by running the cable through the clear plastic grommet which is then inserted into the wall. They can be painted over to match the finish if necessary.

Self Amalgamating Tape

Used on the pole itself to attach the cable securely. Although it looks somewhat like insulation tape, it will last for many years and is important to ensure that the cable does not become loose and begin to rub against the pole/brick/fascia in the wind.