Andrew Steele

Television & Radio Hardware - Satellite

Satellite is another receiving option for those that require or want it, with some sites having better satellite reception that terrestrial. However, it is much more intolerant to misalignment of the dish, and cable quality, plus the general installation must be to a higher quality.

Dishes are commonly mounted on house walls, and only require to be able to “see” the satellite. It is perfectly possible to install a dish at ground level or on a garden wall – the only thing that matters is the reception. In some cases however, a roof mounting may be required. This requires careful selection of the pole and mounting brackets as the wind loading of a dish is much higher than an aerial.

In many cases, multiple downloads are required for dish installation as they often have multiple tuners. Shotgun cable can be used in this case however it should be WF100 grade or better to guarantee performance.