Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy had a total of thirty unique episodes. However, a thirty-first episode also aired as the final of the show's run with a second performance of The Demon Tree. Three episodes are missing and therefore do not have a synopsis.

The Man Who Came Back

Blake discovers that his wife Sylvia is having an affair with Grange, and attempts to stop him from seeing her. The pair end up arguing and Grange pulls a gun out in the hope that he can provoke Blake into attacking him, hoping to kill him and getting away with it as self-defense. Blake vows to come back from the grave to avenge his death before the gun goes off and he is killed. Grange manages to get away with a self-defense argument in court, and hopes to win the affection of Sylvia now that Blake is out of the way but Blake's ghost soon makes an appearance.

Soul of Shan Hai Huan

This episode is unavailable.

The Thing from the Sea

In a press room, reporters are planning to run a story about missing Hollywood people including cinema star Philip Haywood who vanished from his private yacht along with his actress wife and her movie director father. The story switches to the events of the boat in which the three find that there boat has inexplicably stalled in a calm sea. As Judy recalls a dream in which a sea monster attempts to force her out of her body and assume control, the boat begins to move. Looking up to the deck, they discover a strange figure is at the helm and the boat is moving.

The Demon Tree

A legend exists in which a beautiful forest remains unvisited by people due to an ancient oak tree which is believed to have strangled people. A party of three decide to head out and discover the truth behind the mystery. Heading into the noticeably colder forest, they find a tree which appears to have bark which feels like skin and promptly lose their way in the darkness. The group soon lose one of their members, and sight the Demon Tree which is able to move around the forest. When two of the group manage to escape back to the hotel, they find that their ordeal is not over.

Men Call Me Mad

Scientist Charles Terhune has discovered and filmed another world hidden inside a moonbeam. He shows the recording to colleagues Dr West and Dr Smith, and says he believes that there are worlds within worlds, and that their world may be within that of another. Charles also reveals he has found a way to visit the new world, where he meets a princess named Elaina, but soon discovers that their existence is in peril. A strange plague is killing the people, and Charles eventually discovers a cure. Deciding on staying with Elaina, Charles returns to his own world to settle his affairs, but that is when his troubles begin.

The House of Bread

A man, Scott Bishop, tells the story of a dream of himself sitting on a high precipice and looking down upon the world. He finds that he is not alone when an old man begins talking to him, and identifies himself as Word. He tells Scott to seek out the House of Bread which will give him wisdom that he desires, though Word does not offer any hints as to its location. Scott decides to turn his back on his career, and heading out with his girlfriend Sonia, the pair travel far and wide in search of the House of Bread.

Resolution 1841

In January 1942, Laura Cabot shares her story of New Year's Eve. Along with some friends, they braves deep snow and strong winds to go up to the old Cabot place for the New Year. Ed and Helen Richards accompany Laura as they have done in previous years, and attempt to matchmake Laura and Duke who has also come with them. Duke however confides in Ed that he feels he has met Laura previously, while Laura says the same thing to Helen. The pair's relationship has roots back in 1841 and a resolution made.

The Curse of the Neanderthal

Artist Amanda Loveland takes a trip to Nanaw Canyon to paint a picture, and is blocked in by a landslide. As night approaches and still stuck in the canyon which has a reputation for ghosts, she is guided out by the figure of her sister Grace who lives in London. On checking that her sister is fine, she discusses the situation with her friend Hayes who tells her about swarf - shape-shifting spirits. He also points out that in Amanda's unfinished image, a monstrous looking creature has been painted lurking in the shadows.

Debt from the Past

In 1942, Mary Billings is a young lady who is desperate for work. She sees an advert in a local newspaper for a stenographer which requires the applicant to apply in person on a Friday night - after midnight. Deciding that although the time is strange, she heads to the building anyway, and discovers that the Temple Building is like stepping back in time. On meeting the interviewer Mr Gibson, he is adamant that she has not gone back in time, and shows her the newspaper, which reads April 16, 1912.

The Headless Dead

Frederick Holman visits the Tower of London, and laughs at the idea of it being haunted. His guide Mr. Swifte however is happy to show Holman the apparently haunted chapel. While standing in the choir loft, Swifte tells Holman that the chapel is busy with people as it is the final resting place of the Headless Dead, while Holman sees no one. While Swifte closes up the rest of the building, Holman falls asleep and later awakes to find himself locked in, as arms begin to push up the flagstones from the floor.

Death is a Savage Deity

Wanda is playing her organ when her niece Delores enters the room, needing to talk. She is confused about the death of Andrews after committing suicide, and struggles to understand why her friend would take his own life. However, Wanda is not sympathetic as she remarks that his blindness drove him to kill himself after she had warned him to take care of his eyes. It is revealed that Delores is good at warning people of imminent dangers, and fiance Jim has an encounter with the lily pond which she remarks is dangerous.

Sea Phantom

A seaman finds an intruder in the captain's cabin, but upon challenging the man finds it is a skeleton with empty eye sockets and a gaping mouth. Heading to find the captain, who does not believe the tale, the pair return to find the cabin empty. They do however find that someone has written on his slate in English used over two hundred years prior. The message informs them that the course of the ship must be changed and is signed by Jonathan Strange - a name the captain knows well - who was captain of The Sea Phantom when it was lost at sea in 1718.

W is for Werewolf

Jim and Angela Howard are going on their first vacation since they were married and had a child. They take to visiting a small island owned by old friend Bill. Bill's son Johnny has also been acting oddly since the death of Bill Junior. Heading out to the island, Jim reads some of Bill's books which cover all things werewolf, and on the island, Jim discovers that Johnny is reserved and features hairy palms. Strange things then begin to happen when Jim discovers how Bill Junior died.

A Delicate Case of Murder

Laura Winstead conducts a séance, though her husband who is present is sceptical of her supposed gift. Frederica however remains open-minded and is soon shocked when her dead mother appears in the room. Frederica however soon learns that Laura is not all she seems with a secret behind her power, though she is not the only one who has secrets as Harvey and Frederica have been seeing each other. When Harvey asks for a divorce, Laura refuses and tells him that she will one day convince him of her powers.

Spawn of the Sub-Human

A famous and well-liked soprano makes a chartered flight with Michael, her partner and manager. However, on the flight she begins to feel an impending sense of danger and goes on to describe her previous relationship with fiancé Stefan who died in a car accident, at which time she had similar feelings. Whilst in the midst of the flight, the pair notice that the plane is flying over water when it shouldn't be, and realising the flight is off-course, discover that the pilot is a large hairy ape and they are being kidnapped.

The Man with the Scarlet Satchel

Nurse Rose Esther and attorney Sam Willard murder their client Peter Craig, a scientist specialising in electrical engineering. The pair concoct the murder after Sam has his will changed and Rose drugs him to force him to sign the document before he is poisoned. One of Peter's requests is to be buried with modelling clay, and he eventually makes a return carrying his scarlet satchel which he likes because it is the colour of blood and contains something very nasty inside.

Superstition Be Hanged

Flyer Samsom, a circus trapeze artist, introduces a new trick though his fellow performer Ruby Brooks is worried due to failures he has made in practice over the past two years. With Samsom performing without a safety net, and a mystic predicting his death unless he follows her advice, the trick goes wrong and he dies being hanged by a twisted trapeze rope. Circus announcer Barker, and Ruby, have their own outcomes to meet however with the mystic also predicting that they will share the same fate.

Pennsylvania Turnpike

At a gas station, an aged hitch-hiker awaits a passer-by to continue his trip. Talking with the clerk, who realises that everything about the hitch-hiker is old including his money and clothes, and his suggestion that he is more than two hundred years old. A traveller, Mr. Miner, enters looking for a place called Pine Knob, and the hitch-hiker knows exactly where Miner is heading and offers to take him there. As the pair continue down a mysterious road, the hitch-hiker and Mr. Miner reason for being at Pine Knob is revealed.

Convoy for Atlantis

A number of ships disappear in the night in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which leads to a search ship being sent for find out what has happened. Each boat has been heard from within the vicinity of a fifty mile area, and the situation becomes more weird when they discover that the crew members and passengers have all been found safe adrift, but in a drugged-like status. The unusualness compounds when a man appears on the boat claiming to have sank the boats for his own needs, and offering them a trip to the bottom of the ocean.

The Thing from the Darkness

A pilot is requested to fly a customer across the desert to Mantella, but is caught in a sandstorm and is forced to land in Santia. Making an emergency landing, he regains consciousness and finds himself blinded by the sand. He discovers a man who suggests that the "white man" is prohibited in the territory of Santia, and that the penalty is death when the next full moon appears when he will be fed to a pit of Leopards. A leopard-man is also on the loose, and the pilot is also accused of having relations with a princess.

Edge of the Shadow

A dairy farm worker, Hank, pulls a gun out on his boss Mr. Fuller and prepares to kill him, to allow him to marry Fuller's wife who he claims wants a divorce. Fuller however manages to disable Hank by throwing disinfectant in his eyes. Taking Hank over to a water trough to wash out his eyes, a aircraft passes by overhead on fire. Fuller is awoken by his wife Martha, and wonders whether the events were really a dream. Heading out to the barn, he discovers a length of barbed wire and a gun, and realises that the imaginations of the dream were really a warning.


This episode is unavailable.

Screaming Skulls

This episode is unavailable.

The Letter from Yesterday

In a library, loud-mouthed Adam Chase is looking for a book on Hydrokinetics. Not expecting to find much in the small town library, he discovers the librarian Cecily Marshall has everything that he needs. Attempting to read his book, he struggles to concentrate as his thoughts return to Cecily. Being new in town, Adam is unable to take the book from the library, though Cecily offers to take it out for him, and invites him to study at her home. The pair become closer over time, and as marriage becomes imminent, Adam vanishes on a trip to Washington. On his return three months later, things take a strange twist.

The Cup of Gold

Truman Davis, a five times consecutive world golf champion is beaten by Jan Mason who has come through as a new winner. However, as Mason is about to be presented with the gold cup, he is shot. Radio announcer Lee Saunders tracks down the killer as Ruth Kendish, however she has no recollection of firing the gun and the reasons behind the murder. The only thing she can remember is receiving a parcel in the mail containing incense, and instructions to light the incense at a precise time. Despite having no intention of following the instructions, she does anyway.

Funeral Arrangements Completed

Couple Richard and Emily arrive at an Inn on the way to Merryvale to sort the affairs of an Aunt Patricia who has recently passed, despite not knowing of such an aunt prior. The pair question whether they are on the correct route to Merryvale and he tells them that the town hasn't been occupied for sixty years. He also says that he knows Richard's aunt and that she died several years prior. On arriving in Merryvale, Emily soon begins to have uncertainties about the town, and feels that they are not alone.

Dead Hands Reaching

Alan Blaine is alone in his office when he hears a voice from another world. It advises him to go and see his manager to ask for a promotion, which results in a new job. He hears the voice again some weeks later, which advises him not to trust his girlfriend Judith. Judith soon breaks up with him by letter which states she never loved him, and an angered Alan sets about killing her. With the voice warning Alan not to kill Judith and despite the previous good advice, Alan pays it no attention this time.

Rendezvous with Satan

An evil man, Carl Fisher, dies and finds himself meeting with Satan. Carl claims to Satan that he was forced into doing bad things, and that he couldn't have made his millions of dollars if he hadn't been so ruthless. He begs to be allowed to return and redo life the right way. Satan agrees and gives him twenty-four hours to do only good things, and in return he can live. Carl heads back to the living world to discover a situation involving his wife, and his business partner attempt to seize control of his business.

I Am Your Brother

Julius Zummek's friend Stephan Hamblin, who he has known since childhood, has died. However, as a child Stephan was believed to be mentally handicapped as he was unable to walk or talk until one day when the children were left alone, and Stephan began to walk and talked with the voice of an adult. Stephan later comes to admit he could always talk but never felt there was anything interesting to talk about, and was always able to walk. Julius is now a world renowned surgeon, and Stephan's brain is retained in a jar with a special solution which keeps it alive as he continues a search for his "brother".

Sleeping Death

A patient goes to the doctor with a limp after having tolerated the condition for some time, and it has now progressed to requiring an amputation. However, the doctor and patient have a history with Doctor Mason being a former boss of the patient where they worked at a sanatorium which has recently reopened. The patient begins to remember his own role in having the facility shut down, and the doctor has since been working to take his revenge. The situation deepens when another former employee arrives.