Fear on 4

Fear on 4 is a BBC series which features a range of horror and suspense stories. In total, forty-eight episodes were produced and broadcast. The show is narrated by the Man in Black, who is played by Edward de Souza.

The Man in Black was a separate, but similar show which aired in 2009.

Note that the episodes listed below are shown in alphabetical order rather than the original broadcast order.

A Child Crying

A man, Ian, recalls the story of living in a flat above another forty-one year old man, Dan Gooding, who is a writer that has recently moved into the building. Dan came to his apartment one evening seeking help, and questions whether there is a child in the building as he can hear crying. The pair head down to Dan's flat at his insistence where he reveals that the sound of the child crying only seems to occur when he is away from his word processor. Ian eventually manages to convince Dan to go to the pub to discuss the situation during which Dan indicates that he is writing a novel about a child which has Ian questioning whether Dan really believes he is being persecuted by a possibly supernatural child. Unable to help beyond suggesting he return to visit a therapist, Ian offers his support which proves to be a point of contention with his flatmate Paul and leads to an argument. The pair are awoken in the early hours of the morning by shouting, which leads Ian to ring Dan's phone, where they hear for themselves the sound of the child crying.

A Day at the Dentists

A dentist is approaching his final hour before retirement and is dealing with his final patients. A man, Mr Fred Hausman, enters the surgery having been a previous patient whose filling has now fallen out, ten years after his last appointment. The receptionist suggests that the dentist will be too busy to see him, but upon revealing Mr Hausman's name, he agrees to see patient who is becoming increasingly aggitated due to a fear of dentists. Settling him down into a chair, the dentist begins talking to him in an attempt to calm him down before beginning the procedure, though begins to ask probing questions which irritate Fred. Eventually managing to persuade him into the dentistry chair, where he ties him down. Inviting his wife over, the dentist begins to reveal the truth about why he has been looking forward to a visit from Mr Hausman, during which his past catches up with him.

A Routine Operation

Maary begins to feel pain, and her husband Derek suggests she has appendicitis after experiencing it himself as a child. She argues with her husband who insists she visit the doctor, and resorts to having him visit, much to her anger. The doctor immediately suggests a visit to hospital for appendix removal, though Derek struggles to get her out of the house when she refuses to go. Mary goes on to reveal that she has been having dreams of an hospital operating theatre in which she is the patient, though Derek is able to persuade her that death is much more likely if she doesn't go, despite her anguish. AS the time for the operation draws close, Mary insists to herself that she resist going to sleep as the sleeping gas begins to take effect. Mary finds herself aware in the operating theatre, and realises that she isn't asleep as they get started.

By the River Fontainebleau

Dance in the Underworld

Dark Feathers

Dead Man’s Boots

Dreaming of Thee

Every Detail But One

Fat Andy

Gobble, Gobble

Green and Pleasant

Hand in Glove

Hearing is Believing

Hellhound on My Trail

His Last Card

Invitation to the Vaults

Life Line

Making Sacrifices

Mind Well the Tree

Music Lovers

Net Suicide

Playing God

Snipe 3909

Soul Searching

St Austin Friars



The Beast with Five Fingers

The Blood of Eva Bergen

The Chimes of Midnight

The Dead Drummer

The Dispossessed Daughter

The Edge

The Face

The Hairy Hand of Dartmoor

The Horn

The Journey Home

The Judge’s House

The Monkey’s Paw

The Monkey’s Revenge

The Next in Line

The Snowman Killing

The Speciality of the House

The Yellow Wallpaper

Tissue Memory

Vicious Fish

William and Mary