Night Class

Episode 1

Johnny is a Butlins Redcoat on leave while the camp he works at is renovated. His situation has also left him homeless leading him to attending a job seekers appointment where they insist upon him taking the position of pottery teacher for a night class. Running late, much to the chagrin of the attending pupils, he eventually arrives and introduces himself as well as getting the attendees to introduce themselves and provide their reasons for attending, while he also tries to find someone to take him in. Eventually heading to the principals office, Johnny discovers that the principal is his ex-girlfriend Sandra and she hired him after his name appeared on the job centre listing, though she is rather upset to discover he has already met the class.

Episode 2

At the pub with student Kenny, Johnny takes to drinking heavily before heading over to the college. Upon arrival, Carol is complaining to friend Chloe about her ex-husband Darren spending his time playing darts rather than looking after their child while she is at pottery. Starting class, he quickly explodes at Nathan who is upset and believes Paul has destroyed one of his clay creations and the victimisation by Johnny. Carol takes to making a bread bin, though Chloe can't help but laugh at it. However, in the midst of the class Darren angrily turns up to dump the kid, Teddy, on Carol. Johnny tries to offer Carol a reassuring presence. Darren returns as class is finishing up to complain about his darts having been destroyed, and ends up in a fight with Paul.

Episode 3

Paul is facing the wrath of his mother Anne for committing murder, and heads into the night class alone while he is left in the car. Sandra asks caretaker Kieran to keep an eye on Johnny as she believes he has been harassing female students. Johnny introduces the class to cobalt before having to deal with Anne who arrives crying, after her dog has been accidentally run over and killed by Paul. Looking for the Jack Russell Brandy to be cremated, she asks Johnny if the procedure can be done in one of the pottery kilns. Agreeing, Johnny tasks the class with producing an item in memory of the dog, though they are less than pleased at deviating from their existing projects, but eventually relent on join in on the ceremony which is interrupted by a power cut.

Episode 4

The class are about to head off on a trip for Yorkshire Sculpture Park which leads Johnny to be particularly stressed. Nathan is sent in the car with Sandra, while the others travel in the college minibus driven by Kieran. Mary has the group playing eye-spy, while Johnny rants about Alan Titchmarsh being given patron status at the sculpture park. Upon arriving, and after having lost Sandra and Nathan who were following, Becky runs off from the minibus resulting in Johnny having to find her. She surprises Johnny by jumping on him, tying him up, and then going on a rant about him and her father. Paul comes to a realisation about his life at the park, while Johnny and Becky end up in an intimate moment though Johnny is less than willing.

Episode 5

The college is preparing to host the class grading ceremony, though the spot allocated to the pottery class in the hall irritates Anne. Paul reveals his creation after giving up on his money box idea, though his mother isn't pleased that it is a Minotaur and he has been sculpting behind her back. As the ceremony is about to begin, Sandra receives a phone call from Butlins though Johnny has still not turned up. Becky has also decided on a change by getting rid of her old appearance after being inspired by her encounter with Johnny, and the belief that they will get married. The grading ceremony proceeds with everyone but Nathan failing, as Johnny finally arrives and sets about rectifying the situation by taking the grader hostage.