Nineteen Ninety-Four

Nineteen Ninety-Four is a parody series of George Orwell's 1984 which starred Robert Lindsay, and ran for six episodes in 1985. A second series aired in 1987, but was entitled Nineteen Ninety-Eight during which David Threlfall and Hugh Laurie starred. It also did not featured named episode titles.

Series 1

1. Work Is Freedom

Twenty-seven year old Edward Wilson lives in a dystopian world, which also contains various robots and artificial intelligence that communicate with him and each other. He is soon contacted by phone by a man to confirm an interview with the Department of the Environment in the afternoon. Arriving for his interview, he meets receptionist Sophie after arriving late though is made to wait as his prospective employers check up on his life. Quickly being offered the job, despite not knowing anything about what the role entails, Edward is told to keep a low profile and start whenever he likes. Eventually turning up the following week, he makes it to his office and takes to learning the mainframe system by way of playing games. At lunch, Edward meets Charles and also learns that Sophie is a sanctioned mole currently using the role of a receptionist. He is encouraged by Charles to choose his own job, and settles on Sub-officer for District Co-ordination, before receiving instructions that his task is to produce a report on an apparent earthquake in Cumbria.

2. Freedom Is Choice

On the train to Cumbria, Edward travels to Sellingfield, and alights into the dark night. Arriving at an electric fence, Edward is given permission to enter through a gate and shown his way to a bed. The following morning, he is introduced to Kendrick who reveals Cumbria has been sealed off to experiment on a population who are bombarded with advertising. Charles meanwhile continues to pull strings behind the scenes, and sets Sophie on Edward's tail. While out and investigating, Edward is handed a gun by a mysterious character who advises him to follow. The man claims he is part of a revolutionary group, and soon introduces Edward to the other members, who claim that Edward is their leader in their attempt to overthrow the Sellingfield project. While out buying food for the group meeting, Edward wins a prize in a competition leading him to be chased by people. Encouraged by the group members to use the gun, he manages to shoot down a helicopter which crashes into a power station, leading him and the group to go on the run believing the revolution has begun.

3. Choice Is Progress

Back at Edward's home, the robots are communicating with each other and discussing when he might be back. The news turns on via the television which is reporting on the unrest which has started in Sellingfield. A small fire in his apartment begins from the television however, though it is soon suppressed by the sprinkler system. Edward meanwhile takes to staying with Sophie at her apartment, though she insists that he sleep in her bed which results in them being disturbed by a preacher on the various appliances around the house who has broadcasted Edward and Sophie's time together to the world. Heading off to work the following day, he encounters a Dr Ericsson who brings him in under the guise of a product marketing redesign, where his job title seems to be changing at an alarming pace. Sophie and Charles attend a party celebrating the Difficulties with a surprisingly large number of advertising agents. As the topic turning to Edward and Sophie suggesting that Charles is worried his job is under threat by the newcomer.

4. Progress Is Power

5. Power Is Happiness

6. Happiness Is Work

Series 2 (Nineteen Ninety-Eight)

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