1. The Scam

Manning the security desk at an advertising company, by-the-book Brian and laid-back Danny keep watch over the building entrance and camera screens. A visitor, Rick, arrives claiming to have an appointment, but eventually comes clean that he is flogging laptops, which Danny quickly cottons on to them being stolen. At the offer of a cheap laptop, Brian lets the guest in to collect orders. Boss Clarissa arrives soon after, with her usual lusting after Brian, as Danny raises an issue with the client entrance gates hitting people . Sometime later, Rick returns having received a number of orders. Promising to return in twenty minutes with the laptops, Rick leaves as Danny tries to convince Brian he and the others have been scammed. As the end of the day approaches, Brian begins to think he has been had. Clarissa turns up and says she has set about having the gates repaired. Rick eventually returns, with a story claiming the car to be used to bring the laptops has been clamped, and they need money to pay for its removal. Brian eventually talks Danny into loaning him the money required, as Rick leaves again. Danny admits that he leant him the money realising that it would be better to lose more than listen to Brian complain about the missed opportunity if he didn't.

2. Men in Love

Danny notices that Brian has missed the 10am security check, and questions what it distracting him. He notices a camera pointed at the shop across the road, and quickly works out that Brian has become infatuated with one of its employees - Zara. Clarissa turns up with a job for them to repair a broken barrier. Danny takes it upon himself to call Zara and try to setup a date for him, going as far as inviting her across at dinner. Brian heads to the basement, at which point Clarissa returns to question Danny about Brian, before demanding he spy on Brian and Zara in exchange for help getting a position "upstairs". Asking for advice, Danny resorts to giving Brian bad advice on how to treat Zara, but this backfires leaving Zara liking Brian more. Danny's plan quickly falls apart when Clarissa spots Zara, and turns the screws. Danny tries to find a way to get rid of Zara, but each time fails and brings them closer until they discover they play the same computer game. As the two fall out, Clarissa is left happy with the result though this leaves Danny feeling disappointed in himself for aiding their argument.

3. Breaking the Rules

In the basement car park, Brian spots a visitor driving around and becomes suspicious. When he parks in a staff space, he immediately recognises him as a "rule-breaker". Clarissa arrives at the security desk to inform them that Phil Barrington's briefcase has gone missing, and Brian and Danny should hunt it down. A technician, Jerry, arrives to finally repair the gates, which also hit Phil Barrington while leaving, though Brian does not immediately take to him until he shows his technical expertise. He also manages to get a date with Clarissa, which leaves Brian somewhat conflicted. While looking at the security tapes to find the missing briefcase, Brian finds the system has been configured to shut down the camera system each evening, and suspects Jerry is behind it. However, Jerry bluffs them and reveals he is working for Phil as a security analyst and intends to frame Brian and Danny for stealing the briefcase to collect his paycheck. However, Clarissa returns with news that Phil has found his briefcase after losing it while hungover. Jerry quickly leaves, and Brian muddles his way into inviting Clarissa for dinner.

4. Nature's Way

Brian has taken a recent interest in wildlife after spending a weekend in the countryside at a war re-enactment. Clarissa soon arrives with a "directive" from HR, which suggests that changes may be made to the front desk staff. Danny suggests that if Clarissa has to make the decision on which of them to fire, she may demand Brian make up for it. Returning from her meeting with HR, Clarissa says that nobody is being fired in the short term, and they are actually bringing in a young woman, Charlotte "Charlie", to improve client relations. Clarissa immediately takes a dislike to her as she calls her Clarina and is less than intelligent, while Danny has to show her the ropes of the security cameras. While talking with Brian and Danny, Charlie reveals she is from a wealthy estate and is actually Phil Barrington's daughter. Clarissa returns some time later to explain that Phil is behind the front desk restructure, and is after saving on wages with one of the security roles being done by an intern. Hatching a plan to get rid of Charlie, they set her various tasks for moving items and cleaning the store room. She gets another phone call however with test results that she is pregnant and has a fiancée, which she suggests will put an end to her having to work the reception desk. After telling her dad that she is pregnant, she returns and offers her number and some "fun" to Danny who rejects it knowing it won't improve his chances of a job upstairs and that he didn't actually like her.

5. Birthday Boy

Danny answers the phone to Phil Barrington who is having trouble with the entry gate not opening. Brian is late to work with a visit to the doctors which leaves Clarissa asking questions. She also gives Danny a job to hunt down whether it is Brian's birthday, and why he may be hiding it. Finally arriving, Brian quickly spots what Danny is trying to find out. Brian's dad arrives at the security desk having escaped from the sheltered accomodation to see him and deliver his present. Seeing his father back to the train station, Danny sets about arranging a party for Brian. Upon returning to work, Brian starts to feel unwell and heads off for his break. When he returns to the desk, a police officer arrives to say that Brian's father ate at an expensive restaurant and ran off without paying the bill, before attempting to withdraw a large amount of money from a bank. The officer leaves suggesting that his father isn't in trouble, but Brian begins to suspect the authorities are onto him as he becomes paranoid. Danny quickly finds however that he has been taking too many pills which can cause delusions and mood swings. A stripper arrives, having been organised by Danny, but doesn't last long due to Brian's paranoia as well as the police officer and his father returning, and then Clarissa dressed as an alien. He manages to get rid of the crowd by suggesting a round of drinks at the pub.

6. Just the Job

Danny is reading through a trade industry magazine for advertising, and gets his hopes up for a job working upstairs. As Clarissa turns up, she announces they have already hired a new young creative. Toby, the new hire, arrives and has an encouraging conversation with Danny going as far as suggesting he go for an interview on Friday. As Toby leaves, Brian and Clarissa both suggest his chances of getting a job working in advertising are minimal. Clarissa also takes the opportunity to ask Brian out for a date at the weekend, leaving him the rest of the week to find a way out. As Danny sets about coming up with ideas for products ready for his interview, Brian becomes suspicious as to Toby's motivations including the suggestion that he keep no notes. Clarissa also reveals that she has heard Toby used another of Danny's ideas, and soon cottons on to Brian's lies about having to cancel their date. However, she gets a phone call which turns out to be a job to escort Toby from the building due to him being discovered as a fraudster with a bogus CV. Brian sets about changing the interview list on the computer for Danny, but finds he can not get through the new security system. However, he does discover that Clarissa has the password and uses his date as leverage to obtain it, therefore managing to add Danny.