Street and Lane

Series 1

1. Patio Martial

Johnny Street and Arthur Lane head out to a job consisting of installing a patio at the home of a former schoolfriend of Johnny's, Christine. Christine and her husband are having marital problems, and the somewhat late arrival of Johnny at the house sparks jealousy from the husband, Tom. The delivery of the flagstones arrive from the dodgy supplier known as Great North Man, and as expected they aren't the correct ones ordered. Christine is surprisingly unhappy with the colour, while Tom shows no concern.

2. Blues on the Stairs

Arthur wonders why they need to bother advertising as he has never bothered before, though Johnny is more hopeful of increased business. At the next job, they find movers attempted to shift a piano upstairs, got it stuck half-way and damaged the staircase. Enlisting some help from contact Ben, the three men manage to heave the piano up to the first floor. Setting about fixing the stairs, Jonny discusses how he has taken to writing about their jobs with his wife suggesting it may turn into a career. Arthur also gets a piano lesson from the lady.

3. Singing Detectives

The pair have to attend a school job to identify the cause of a mystery smell. They have to pickup a young woman, Tina, for work experience. Heading into the suspect classroom with the headmaster, the threesome set about hunting for the cause. Chasing the scent into the headmaster's office, they find an old store cupboard with a dead badger which managed to get in behind some panelling. The three also end up singing Happy Birthday to the headmaster in exchange for not having to move the badger themselves.

4. Hitting the Highs

A variety of Arthur's tools have been stolen from their workshop. While discussing the theft, Arthur reveals that he cut back on the insurance to save on costs. Heading out anyway to a roofing job at an apartment block, they enlist the help of "Shafto" to go onto the roof, while trying to calm down the flat owner who is slightly miffed at their lateness. They manage to complete the job swiftly, but become worried when Shafto doesn't respond while on the roof. They also receive word that Arthur's tools have been recovered.

Series 2

1. Ringing the Changes

Johnny is awaiting his child's birth, and has to deal with a downturn in business. A church bell job has come up, and Arthur has roped in Stan French to help who was accused of stealing from Johnny's father when he owned the company. Johnny prepares to quit rather than work with Stan, though Arthur manages to convince him. Up in the bell tower, Johnny is afraid of the pigeons which inhabit and Stan finds that the bell is damaged and may fall at any moment. With Johnny frozen in fear, Stan managed to talk him down and convince Johnny he didn't steal the money.

2. Fade to Black

Arthur arrives late to the workshop, and recounts his latest attempts at trying to attract a woman via his escapades with various dating agencies. Heading to a job at a film stars house, the pair have a number of jobs to complete. They also meet her partner and fellow film-star Mr Larson, who attempts to school Johnny on his woodworking skills. Mounting the sliding door, on an attempt to test it, Arthur gets stuck inside the wardrobe before having to seek advice from Mr Larson. Johnny also gets a seductive invitation from the woman.

3. Estimates Day

Johnny and Arthur have to attend to a number of quotes, though Arthur is less than keen on not being able to wield his tools for a day. The first quote is for installing a mirror above a bed for a newly-married couple, before visiting a man who wastes their time while getting drunk - which Arthur joins in with. Johnny leaves angrily, with Arthur following to the next quote for a woman who also wants a mirror fixing above the bed. Her partner arrives, and happens to be the husband of the first woman.

4. Going for Broke

Johnny has been cleaning the office in preparation for Pete Patel, a former college friend. A potential contract comes in from Patel who has been flagged up for a number of violations in a property rented to students. However at the house they meet student Lucy, who warns Johnny and Arthur that Patel is well known stringing along builders and not paying for jobs, though Lucy knows the building trade somewhat. The meeting leaves Johnny wondering what might have been if he had stayed in college, though his mind is soon distracted by the birth of his child.