Andrew Steele

The Golden Apples of the Sun

The Golden Apples of the Sun is a radio show which features eight stories from Ray Bradbury's collection. The title is shared with a book of the same name, which featured the same stories plus many more.

The series is similar to Bradbury 13 and Ray Bradbury's Tales of the Bizarre.

The Golden Apples of the Sun

Hail and Farewell

The Flying Machine

The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl

Mr. Acton is standing over the body of Mr. Huxley, after he has murdered him. He hears a voice in his mind which begins to question what he has touched as the fingerprint evidence will almost certainly be found in the investigation. He also has flashbacks of his encounters with Mr. Huxley and their arguments over Actons' wife who has left him for Huxley, and is taking a trip with him to Mexico the following day. His flashbacks lead him to believe there are more and more fingerprints of his all over the victims house, and in a frenzy begins trying to remove the potential evidence over the course of several hours. However, this distracts him from his main objective which is to get away from the scene of the crime. As such, he is eventually caught after cleaning the entire house when he is found re-polishing the glass fruit at the bottom of the bowl.

A Sound of Thunder

Time travel has become a reality in 2055, and a company named Time Safari Inc. is offering trips to wealthy adventurers. Eckels, a hunter, joins a group going back to the Late Cretaceous period to hunt a Tyrannosaurus rex. As the group awaits departure, they discuss the presidential elections in which a fascist has been defeated by a moderate. Travis, the hunting guide, tells them that they must minimise the changes they make in the past, and they can only hunt an animal that is confirmed to have minimal interference on the future. Arriving in the past, Travis warns them that any minute changes can have catastrophic consequences and that they should not leave the levitating path. Out on the path, the group soon finds the designated Trex, but Eckels hesitates to shoot it despite his earlier swagger. Travis attempts to get Eckels to return to the craft as he begins to panic, but he runs off the path and into the forest. Eckels returns once the dinosaur is shot and killed. Arriving home, the group soon find minute changes such as a sign which has strange spelling. The group also find the fascist president won the election the previous day. Spotting a dead butterfly on Eckel’s boot, Travis raises his gun and a gunshot is fired toward Eckels.

The Murderer

The April Witch

The Fog Horn