Andrew Steele

The Secret Life of Rosewood Avenue

1. Moving In

Reverend Timothy Carswell is placed in an apparently peaceful residential suburban area, after getting mugged by two pensioners in his inner-city parish, leaving him nervous and shaky. He arrives to the suburban church somewhat late when Mr Cudlip's car breaks down and he has to push it up the remaining hill. He is greeted by housekeeper Mr. Muir who notifies him that the congregation is waiting anxiously for an evening service, much to the reverends dismay. Carswell gives a particularly long sermon of more than four hours featuring a long list of methods he will try to stick by. Meanwhile, Mr Cudlip tries to arrange a date with Mr. Muir despite her rejecting him several previous times, as well as a prior engagement with Dr. Warlock. At the end of the service, emotions are mixed on the sermon length with some compliments and crying. Carswell enquires about his predecessor to Mr. Muir, who says he spent much of his time with a printing press. Miss Tapp and Miss Tilling set about finding some of the former reverends productions, but only find masses of fake ten pound notes after his retirement to South America. Mr Cudlip tries to warn Dr. Warlock off Mr. Muir, who later discusses the situation with the doctor. Miss Tilling and Miss Tapp also set about investigating the reverend, as they dig into his personal life as well as ask him probing questions about his history. Dr. Warlock and Mr. Muir return home from a quiz, where they find the doctor's office has been set on fire with Mr Cudlip soon being arrested for arson. The office ends up with only a small amount of damage, but Miss Tapp and Miss Tilling however use the opportunity to steal the reverends medical records as well as admit to Cudlip's landlady that they caused the fire. The reverend is late back to the church, where he says to Mr. Muir that he was arrested for trying to pass a forged bank note.

2. Entertaining Edwin

Edwin, a long-term school chum of Reverend Carswell is visiting for an indeterminate number of days though his visit was uninvited. Timothy has to give up his own bedroom due to the damp in the spare, and Edwin's persistent cough. Meanwhile, in the village, two teenage tearaways Jeremy and David take to terrorising residents and breaking into houses in which they take items to sell on to a fence. Jeremy, who is actually an accomplished pianist and trusted within the village discovers from Miss Tapp that the villagers are raising money for one of the people they have stole from, and the pair take to plotting on how to steal the money from the reverend who is organising a recital. When Edwin vanishes for some time, the reverend heads out to look for him and discovers him having been stopped by the police, though the pair being returned home in the police car has the elderly residents gossiping. While everyone is at the recital, Jeremy and David climb in to the reverends house and get their hands on the money, but end up being caught by Edwin. The reverend arrives home to collect the money, but ends up believing that Edwin was actually the thief and is attempting to blame the boys. Edwin is thrown out of the house the following morning, and sent on his way home. Travelling home in the taxi with Mrs Muir, the taxi driver begins gossiping about the reverend being a drunk who abuses his housekeeper, not realising who the reverend is. Timothy also discovers that the rumours came from a couple of elderly women, though Miss Tapp and Miss Tilling claim no knowledge of such women. Jeremy and David take to stopping their burglaries after almost getting caught, and decide on blackmailing the villagers being a more enticing proposition.

3. Raising the Dead

4. Miss Willow and the One-Eyed Gentleman

5. Mr Garland's Good Deeds

6. The Resurrection of Reverend Carswell