The Zero Hour (Series 2)

Bye-Bye Narco

Terror in the Night

Scream of the Hawk


Price of Admission

Shortage Story

Escape to Nowhere

Fair's Fair, You Know



Arm's Length

Some People Die Only Once


Villainous Verdict

Strange Odyssey of Sandy Mitchell

White Flame Burning Bright

Mind of the Beholder

Why Is Ted Marcosi Driving Aunt Sally Insane?

There is a Man in 211

Death is a Puppeteer

Dr. Rivington Presumably

Wanted: A Willing Companion

Pigs Could Put You in the Pen

Sky Lab Are You There

Favor You Can't Refuse

Death at Half a Length

Floating Down the River

Once a Thief

Other Sings Only Speak, Murder Shrieks Out

Rehabilitation of Citizen Fimple

Bonnie and Clyde are Alive and Living as Mary and Bill

Sisters of Satan

The Mannequin Sham

Double Date to Destiny

Clay Pigeons

Past is Always Present

Woman in Black

Come Light My Fire

Riders Wanted: Share Expenses

Death on Canvas

House That Clemont Built

Joint Account

Tiger Cages

Violence Takes a Curtain Call

Children Are Dying

Bend, Spindle and Mutilate

Murder is a Work of Art

Edwards Tug and Salvage

Larceny on the Lake

OLAM aka On the Lam aka The Lamb

Corpse Takes a Sleigh Ride


Ghost of the Black Plague

Trunkful of Trouble

Grand Prize

Welcome Home Denny Shackleford

Death of a Genius

Remember Me?

Lost in Time

Once Upon a Truck

Corpse Takes a Stand

Carnival of Menace

Chicago John and the Glitter People

Smoke Screen

The Holdout