Tony and Imogen have moved in together, though settling in sons Ashley and Gideon, each from previous relationships, is proving difficult. Posh-boy Gideon is hoping to move out soon having dabbled in crypto-currency, while Ashley is hoping to come into his own riches though rather more traditional means of doing jobs for neighbours. Imogen hopes to host a party at the weekend to meet the neighbours, though Tony is less than keen on the idea of forced fun with strangers, and things don't go well when only a few say they will attend. Gideon soon discovers that his latest crypto-currency scheme is a scam, and has lost a chunk of money while Ashley's role helping an elderly neighbour proves to be a giant misunderstanding when her charity is thought to be pimping.

Series 1

1. Russian Money

Imogen has a client meeting which she has dressed up for, while Ashley has his first day in a new job on a building site. Tony meanwhile has a meeting with his boss about content which he suspects will mean bad news for his investigative storylines. At the building site, Ashley's first job is retrieving supplies while Imogen discovers her boss is taking a couple of months off, leaving her in charge. At an community anti-gentrification meeting, Gideon become an activist and Tony sets about finding a story which involves a potentially corrupt building deal. However, the organised protest puts them in confrontation with the builders Ashley is working alongside and Tony's story puts him into conflict with Imogen and her deal involving the Russians.

2. The Party and the Proposal

Gideon is questioned about his girlfriend Rebecca staying over as Imogen tries to find out where Tony intends to take her on a short holiday. He reveals to Ashley that he intends to ask Imogen to marry him. Heading to the airport, Imogen finds that they are heading to Rotterdam where they are booked into a hostel. Back at the house, the boys have some friends over as Ashley tries to chat up Rebecca's friend who proves to be rather sophisticated. Tony begins to try and work up the courage to ask Imogen to marry him, though struggles to find the right time, and decides to explore the poor areas of Rotterdam which results in him having his bag stolen which contained the engagement ring. Gideon discovers that his bearded dragon may have ingested some drugs at the party, while results in one of Ashley's friends calling his ex-Vetinery uncle.

3. Chicken Man

Ashley heads in to start his new job as a head of marketing, where he ends up handing out flyers for a takeaway, while wearing a chicken costume. Gideon, Stefan, and Rebecca set about work on their own business - a vegan food stall. Tony meanwhile has plans for a night out with Imogen, which is ruined by her teaching Jiu-Jitsu, leading him instead to invite old-time friend Len around. Ashley accidentally stops a robbery while working in his chicken suit leading to media attention, while Gideon and Len find they are politically polarised. It isn't long however before Ashley starts to attract unwanted attention, leading him to take up Jiu-Jitsu, while Gideon's business proves to be somewhat of a failure after Ashley accidentally attacks Rebecca leading him to be fired.

4. The Wedding

Tony is attempting to pay a fine for driving in a bus lane, though struggles to deal with the automated phone system. Gideon is also making preparations for the upcoming wedding, while Ashley gets to meet Imogen's mother who arrives at the house. Imogen, friend Tamsin, and her mother head out for her "hen-do", as Tony discovers that Ashley has arranged his driving test for the same day as the wedding and still hasn't written his speech. Imogen finds that a stripper has been ordered for her who to both their horror, discovers it is Ashley with yet another new job. The situation results in a fight with her mother, and Imogen slapping her after an insult about her relationship with Tony, and ends with her getting arrested which requires Tony and Ashley to pull out all the stops to collect Imogen and make it to the wedding.