Nightfall (Season 2)


Set in the Black Forest in Germany, a wealthy man and his daughter receive a mysterious house guest who has to be left with them while on a journey. The guest, Carmilla, has a secret life however which threatens to destroy anyone who encounters her.

In the Eye of the Beholder

A doctor advises ill-tempered farmer, Jack, to have eye surgery before he goes completely blind. Returning home, a mysterious young man shows up and offers to help him when his car breaks down, however the farmer's past comes back to haunt him.

Cemetery Stop

A bus driver struggles after the death of his wife, and his regular route proves difficult with him being late and missing stops. On a lonely section of the run, he finds that a woman keeps getting off at the cemetery, leading him to need to find out where she is going.

In the Name of the Father

A writer takes a holiday by the coast on the advice of her friends, and falls into a Lovecraft-like nightmare. She soon finds that sharks off the coast foretell the towns mass-pregnancy with the local church being dedicated to the sea, and the women giving birth to sharks.

Baby Doll

Young husband Alex, buys his wife Kathleen an antique doll for their anniversary. However, during the night Kathleen hears a baby crying, which becomes the first of a number of incidents in which she takes to mothering the doll like a real child.

Reunion at the Victory Café

A man takes his wife to the Victory Café in London, where his father died during a World War II blitz. While there, he is teleported back in time to 1944 where he meets his father, and then attempts to save the patrons when a plane is heard overhead.


Gerald, a child, has an evil imaginary friend, Tom, that uses his help to capture souls of those he has killed. His parents fail to spot his sociopathic tendencies, even when their dog and his friend Ricky, are found tortured and killed.


An economic adviser working at the treasury is hypnotised to only remember what he is supposed to do when triggered by the previous step, to ensure his mind remains clear. He discovers himself buying a gun and attending the U.N. General Assembly.

Your Fortune in Twenty Words or Less

An old man, Mercurian, pays a visit to a two-bit carnival fortune teller, and bestows true clairvoyant powers upon him, though this comes at a price when he starts to misuse the powers for his own advantage and proving himself untrustworthy.


Teddy, a five-year-old hears the constant noise of other people's thoughts in his own mind. His torment continues as other people use him for their own selfish ends, including his own parents. However, Teddy may not be completely helpless to prevent them.

Child's Play

Arthur and Mary inherit her parents home - an opulent mansion - and visit it for the first time. Mary's repressed childhood memories of her strict, religious upbringing come flooding back to haunt her as well as the murder of her parents in her own bedroom.

The Club of Dead Men

The story of a young Cambridge student, Jim Warner, who learns of a debauched eighteenth century club that continues to meet even after its members have died. He wonders whether he can also attend one of the meetings and survive.

The Thinking Room

A man, known by everyone as 'Stink', considers committing suicide. However, he encounters 'Drum' who questions him before leading him to a room where he can finally hear his own thoughts. Meeting with a number of other people, he finds himself at The Suicide Club.

The Porch Light

On the night of a snowstorm, a married couple wake up in their isolated home to find their porch light has been inexplicably turned on. The appearance of a man on the porch leads Bob to having to admit to his wife he has a secret about the house.


A psychiatrist meets with a poor-performing boxer after he loses a fight, and offers experimental methods to get him to be able to win. However, the doctor not reveal that the methods are a continued experiment from his working with test animals.

The Monkey's Raincoat

A newly elected American president must prove himself by eliminating several assassins on his way to the White House after his inauguration process. The events are broadcast like a sporting event to the watching public.

From My Appointed Place Below

Set in Scotland in the 1800s, a young man delivers his rent payment to the local laird. However, the latter dies before a receipt can be written, and the money disappears. The young man has to turn to a stranger for help.

The Old Post Road

Steven and Wendy, a couple, are very late and heading to a dinner event at Wendy's parents. They decide take a shortcut down a deserted road, but in the rush, end up crashing. This leads to a string of increasingly bizarre paranormal events.

The Debt

A fraternity ritual results in a young man, Ricky Lee, being killed when he is cut in half by a train. The fraternity brothers bury him hoping to be done with the situation. However, Ricky Lee's ghost sets about collecting on the debt the men owe him.

Harris and the Mare

A man who is known for his placid nature and fondness of the old ways, has an outlook that mankind is generally good. However, this world view is shattered when his wife is killed in a bar fight while the pair enjoy a night out, and the other townsfolk do nothing to help.

The Jogger

Joe Brady, a faded former high-school football star, now in his forties, feels dejected with his current life, marriage and his self. He spots a jogger outside his house who begins to appear everywhere regularly, and feels he must catch him at all costs.

The Screaming Skull

A retired sailor speaks with a doctor and relates the tale of why he has become haunted by a screaming skull. His best friend leaves his house to him, before he murders his wife and kills himself. The woman's spirit refuses to go to its grave, and haunts the house in which her body now resides.

Mr. Agostino

Carol is plagued by a mysterious man who keeps calling her telephone and asking for a Mr. Agostino. Hoping after each call it will be the last, and failing to take heed of her friend Betty's advice on not talking to him, eventually they talk and he shows up at her door uninvited.

The Road Ends at the Sea

Heading to confront a friend about an affair he has been having with his wife, a man drives out to the lighthouse where the couple now lives. But when he arrives, the pair seem more interested in a strange black ship which has appeared just offshore.

The Maid's Bell

Alice Hartley, a servant takes a new job as lady's maid in a large country mansion. She is introduced to the building by a another friendly maid, Agnes, however there is some mystery surrounding a service bell which should never be rang.

A Glimpse of Eternity

A university professor has been researching reversal of the ageing process, and manages to reanimate a friends dead dog. Seeing this remarkable feat, his friend wants the professor to reverse his age as he laments getting older.

Beyond the Law

An unlikeable and unscrupulous real estate developer finds his business partners have started being murdered. He decides to retaliate against a Tenant's Association that blames, however the real murderer is closer to home.

The Turn of the Blood

In the 1800s, Farmer Lodge returns with his new, young wife Gertrude. Warning her off interacting with anyone, she eventually meets his ex-wife and neighbour, Rhoda, and their son. Rhoda dreams of a struggle with Gertrude, which results in an injury appearing on Gertrude's arm.

Reverse Image

A man arrives home to his wife, who is angry that he has purchased an antique mirror. Treating him with contempt, he is forced to move it up to the attic. However, when he looks into the mirror, he sees an alter ego which offers to take revenge for him on people who have treated him badly.

Teig O'Kane and the Corpse

Trouble-making Irishman Teig O'Kane refuses to wed a woman whose reputation he has besmirched. He is set a task by fairies of burying a talkative corpse before the sun rises, which results in a considerable change in his personality.

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