Nightfall (Season 3)

This One Will Kill You

Stand-up Danny is a dreadful comedian and continues to perform night after night in a club. The owner decides to fire him, and with Danny feeling greatly rejected, he decides to kill himself. His last request is a roast from former student and successful comedian, Steve.


An advertising executive, David, narrowly misses being killed by a truck while heading to lunch with his wife. Returning from being checked over at the hospital, he then becomes obsessed with the sound of footsteps following behind him wherever he goes.


In an apartment fire, a man is rescued but severely burns his hands badly enough to lose the lines on his skin. He speaks to a psychic who had predicted the events, but comes to realise that no one can ever remember him.

The Tie That Binds

A man relates the story of how he came to be consigned to an asylum, after drinking then crashing his car and killing his wife. Hearing a voice inside his head, he suffers after effects of the crash which have no physical basis.

The Dentist

A woman accepts a job as an assistant to dentist Dr. Stewart, who often treats the poor for free. However, she begins to suspect that something is wrong when the patients leave the office in a disassociated state, and hatches a plan using her husband.

Assassin Game

In the future, the world is controlled by rival corporations who test university students for their potential cunning as future executives. However, when one student rejects a job offer that doesn't take no for an answer, the game becomes more intense.

Lazarus Rising

Arriving in a small town, a reporter discovers a web of revenge and sorcery while investigating a report that a man rose from the dead. He discovers that the man, George Sannox, was murdered and his daughter resurrected him for vengeance.

Young Goodman Brown

A young man, Goodman Brown, ventures into the woods as dusk falls. He stumbles across a Satanic ritual featuring the townspeople of Salem, including his own wife. The following morning, his faith in Christianity is shaken as he is uncertain whether the events of the night were real.

But, Oh, What Happened to Hutchings!

In the nineteenth century in England, times are hard and employment is difficult to come by. Grave robbing has become a lucrative business, though some people have decided to speed up the process rather than wait for people to die of natural causes.

Daddy's Girl

A man takes a trip to an island in the West Indies, and gets on the wrong side of a young girl who practices black magic. He faces a battle to escape the island and tell the authorities of the strange deaths that have occurred.

The Cruel Husband

A count discovers his wife's infidelity. He sets about ensuring it doesn't happen again by bricking up the closet wall behind which her lover hides, and then spends several days ignoring the mans screams by her bedside.

The Signalman

A railway signalman is starting to be driven insane by a spectre that appears in the mouth of a train tunnel. The apparition has previously appeared before a tragedy, and has begun to appear again.


A "peeping tom" invents a girlfriend to compensate for his lack of success with women. However, his friends begin to suspect, so he resorts to extremes to ensure his girlfriend is real and faithful to him.

The Strange Odyssey of Lennis Freed

A middle-aged couple take a vacation. Winter has arrived and there is bad weather around, and the couple find that a sick man, Lennis Freed, also arrives at every place that they visit despite the conditions.

Weather Station Four

Two men began trapped by a violent storm at a remote weather station in the Arctic. The rookie of the pair begins to hear a female voice on the radio goading him into madness and to commit murder.

The Brides of Olivera

A woman has been having dreams and her partner Ralph takes her to fortune teller, Olivera. She recognises Olivera from his dreams and believes him to be an infamous serial killer who uses his psychic power to kill.

The Contract

A young man finds himself in debt to a man he met in prison. He resorts to borrowing the money from his wealthy wife who agrees to bail him out. However, his heavy debts aren't for the gambling losses he claims.

Beauty's Beast

An industrial researcher makes his daughter beautiful after a car accident using an experimental technique. However, her new found looks attract a suitor who her father can not pay off to leave her.

The Angel of Death

During the first world war, a woman becomes haunted by the mournful cries of her brother emanating from the attic of the family home after he is killed on the Western Front.


A young girl living in a foster home looks to be facing homelessness when her guardians announce they expecting a child, leading to strange and supernatural events beginning to happen around the house. A psychiatrist begins to investigate the occurrences.

A Glaze of Perfect Beauty

A pottery maker accidentally knocks his assistant into the kiln, and finds that human ash makes the best glazes. However, he also finds that the quality of the person affects the quality of the glaze, and sets about seeking perfection.

No Quarter

Paul becomes addicted to video games, which are beginning to take over his life. His wife begins a campaign against games, but he continues to play, taking on a new game which appears to get more real each time he plays.

The Undertaker

A mortician who has a reputation as a ladies' man sets about preparing the body of a woman who loved him, and reminisces about the times they had together with a sense of guilt and grief.

Private Collection

Young women begin disappearing downtown in the middle of the day, and Constable Wood has to figure out what is happening. When another woman goes missing, he finds that all signs point to a government building with a research lab.

The Hit

Two bumbling and bickering hitmen, one a veteran and another that is relatively new to the business, head for a job. The "target" arrives however the victim is in for a surprise.

Walter's Dog

An alcoholic lobsterman is unhappy with the treatment he receives from his boss. He decides to murder him by throwing him overboard, in order to become "man enough" as well as claim the insurance money for their boat.

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

A couple become concerned when their young son begins watching television evangelists and takes on a fanatical attitude. His mother takes to speaking with his school, and has to reveal that his father was also strongly religious before he killed himself.

The Wedding

In the 1600s, a Jewish family begins planning a wedding. With a plague having passed the village recently, a jester offers performs at the wedding and the father-of-the-bride reneges on payment. The wedding party find out that it has consequences.


A woman currently hypnotized begins remembering a previous, disturbing incarnation of herself, in which she sees herself with an attachment to the Devil. Her new psychiatrist begins to try and reduce her dependency on her previous doctor and complete the experiment underway.

After Sunset

Fifty years after a small town suffers a number of murders, the killings begin again. Some of the elderly residents believe that the murderer is back, and may be an entity both ancient and evil.

Servants of Cerberus

A wealthy, successful businesswoman has become bedridden by disease and has visions of dogs that speak to her, as well as a secretary that wants to run away with her cheating husband.

Waters Under the Bridge

A man recalls a story to a reporter, in which a bridge collapsed killing many people. However, there is reputed to be treasure in the waters and a diving expedition sets about finding it, though the watery depths are known to contain evil.

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