Vent is a radio show which ran between 2006 and 2009 and stars Neil Pearson. A later show with a somewhat similar premise, which also starred Pearson, was Brian Gulliver's Travels.

Series 1

This series contains two episodes called "Switching Off" as per the BBC programme page. However, this information is almost certainly incorrect and could be updated in the future if the correct titles are found.

1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Ben's family keeps vigil by his bedside while he is in a coma, though he is able to communicate with other coma patients as part of an imaginary sitcom he has written which concerns a coma ward. Wife, Mary, and his mother, Jean, spend their time disagreeing at his side, as Ben describes his mothers regular schedule on visiting him everyday, and Ben expects them to start playing music to try and wake him up. He begins to recount his own Desert Island Discs while being interviewed by Sue Lawley, but leaves after two songs when she won't listen to him. Ben wonders whether his life story is worth listening to. Best friend and musician Hugo arrives, and Ben realises how rubbish his friendship with him is.

Closing song: Robbie Williams - Angels

2. Don't Bet On It

Mum and Mary put the horse racing on television in an attempt to try and bring Ben out of his coma. Mary puts Radio 5 Live on, as she discusses a potential new treatment with the nurse, which may be out of reach due to the cost. Ben also recalls a conversation with Mary prior to his coma about quitting his job, to write a play, which he also put down to being a gamble. While the horse racing is on, Ben discovers that he is good at predicting the winners while discussing them with two-year-old daughter Blitzkrieg, whose proper name he can never remember. He resorts to spending his time trying to communicate the winners with others in hospital. The increased brain activity however sees him nominated to receive the experimental treatment.

Closing song: Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

3. Wouldn't You Like to Get Away

Recalling a trip to Bulgaria which didn't go to plan, Ben believes it was much like being in a coma. The memory comes about due to Ben's unconscious self being taken to a medical conference in Birmingham in the hope of finding a solution to his health problems. However, his mum and Mary take to still visiting the hospital despite him not being there. With travel on the mind, he tells Blitzkrieg how he came to meet Mary, who was attracted to his travels around the world. He also recalls his time in a hotel with Mary, when he revealed that he was once engaged to someone she knew. The pair eventually calmed their tensions, while Ben is returned to the hospital from the conference with Blitzkrieg waiting at the hospital with her mother.

Closing song: Supergrass - Moving

4. Switching Off

Episode name is probably not 'Switching Off' as Episode 6 is also named the same thing, though the BBC report the same name on both. Episode 6 is also likely to be the proper 'Switching Off' as the episode content matches the title most.

Blitzkrieg wonders if Ben is feeling depressed, and takes to trying to analyse him. Ben's mother is also bored in retirement, after planning to do a number of activities when she stopped working, while Mary had signed up for a twelve month gym contract before having to spending lots of time at the hospital. Susan, a psychiatrist appears to Ben and begins to try and work out his hostility, which leads him to remember the time that he agreed to go to marriage counselling with Mary due to their squabbling. With Susan now appearing and helping, this manifests itself as his blood pressure going down, though it leaves Blitz feeling jealous at him having a new person to talk to.

Closing song: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

5. Gravity Gets You Down

Ben is undertaking physiotherapy to ensure that his muscles don't begin to waste away, though he isn't help by the abusive therapist who spills coffee on him before giving grief to Mary and Ben's mother. However, the incident has Ben's arm moving before he smacks the therapist while trying to hit Blitzkrieg. The situation leads Ben on to recalling his attempts to get Mary to marry him. Meanwhile, Mary discovers that Ben was in the cadets and learned to fly an aircraft when he was eighteen, despite his mother's worry about something bad happening. Ben also encounters a giant, plane-winged angel who is really a friend from his flying days. Looking back at Ben and Mary's wedding also spills over into an argument between her and his mother.

Closing song: Damien Rice - Cannonball

6. Switching Off

Blitzkrieg and Ben are climbing a mountain, though find the weather somewhat dramatic as his mind is taking him through a landscape that is much like Mordor. Meanwhile, Mary and Jean are back at his bedside, with Mary struggling with the work-life balance of dealing with her visits while also running an advertising company who is losing clients, with a feeling of uselessness. Preparations are also being made for Ben to come off his ventilator and breathe on his own. Ben also recalls the run up to his wedding with Mary believes he can't take the responsibility of marriage as they bicker about the style of the invitations. Blitzkrieg questions whether he actually wants to get better as Ben insists he misses both Mary and young, real-life Blitz.

Closing song: The Kinks - Thank You for the Days

Series 2

1. Mary's Girl Child

Christmas Eve arrives, and after contemplating the thoughts which he has experienced while in a coma, he finds Blitzkrieg is dressed up for a nativity. The pair are in the Garden of Eden and have to deal with the snake as well as taking an apple from the tree. Meanwhile, Mary and Jean try to keep a positive spin on things as Ben's thoughts turn to an argument with Mary when she was pregnant and they were trying to a settee through the door of the house, before moving on to the events surrounding getting Mary to the hospital to give birth. Jean also has a bad reaction to a nurse buying Ben a television from Christmas, in the hope it will rouse him from his coma. When Christmas Day arrives, Jean and Mary attend with his daughter also visiting at which point Ben is awake and communicating.

Closing song: Squeeze - Take Me I'm Yours

2. Things To Do Before You Die

Only being able to communicate via writing, Mary and Jean wait anxiously for signs of further improvement, as Ben is slipping into and out of his coma, in between bouts of travelling back to the 1970s to find a life coach who can motivate him to get out of his coma. Mary also takes to reading mediocre lifestyle magazines to Ben to keep his mind occupied, while Ben takes to remembering Mary not being able to "examine life" and always feeling tired. He has also become more aware of his surroundings including the machines keeping him alive. Ben also recalls the period after Beatrice was born, as he struggles with his television show writing, as Mary insists he get back into the real world so they can move on.

Closing song: David Bowie - Rock n Roll Suicide

3. I Want You

Mary ponders why Ben still has not been diagnosed with the cause of his coma, while Jean is happy to take the suggestion that his brain is attacking itself as the explanation. Meanwhile, while contemplating the day in a hospital, Ben is visited by Blitzkrieg and finds the pair of them in a shabby hotel. He also encounters another coma patient, a female, from several beds down and heads over to say hello. The hours at the hospital are taking the toll on Mary who keeps passing out. Ben has become of a rendezvous with the coma girl, Andrea, at the hotel, until Mary shows up, who also has a suitor herself. The situation recalls a time when Ben cheated on Mary, and the pair almost broke up.

Closing song: The Beach Boys - God Only Knows

4. Wednesday Morning 3am

Ben is contemplating the difficulty of brain surgery while being unable to sleep at three o'clock in the morning, and feeling alone. Blitzkrieg is also all over the place due to Ben getting better, and sometimes being conscious, and other times not which leaves her feeling lonely. Ben also remembers the time when he lived in a squat, after failing to get into college, and leading him on to former girlfriends whose hearts he broke. Jean meanwhile is also awake in the early hours, being unable to sleep, and contemplating the slow progress of Ben's improving health as well as previous loves. Mary is in Brussels on a business trip, and is sorely tempted to find companionship elsewhere.

Closing song: The Verve - Lucky Man

5. Alternatives

Blitzkrieg finds Ben sitting in the dark as he considers when "it" all began. While Mary discusses with Jean that she has won a contract to become a sole public relations person which will resolve some of the money worries. Ben eventually comes around though has begun to realise that everything in the real world appears 'samey'. Ben is also reminded of his time writing a free pull-out for a newspaper, though Mary is unhappy at some of the private life details he decided to include, as well as also wondering how his life would play out if it was a Hollywood movie. The summer's day events precede "it" - Ben going into a coma while Mary was at work, and on returning home, finding Jean ready to leave for the hospital.

Closing song: Van Morrison - And It Stoned Me

6. Arrival

Looking to leave his coma completely, Blitzkrieg is hoping Ben will go on a holiday with her which will take him on a final trip around the safe world of his subconscious. Ben also recalls the events as to when he was brought into hospital and placed into the coma. Discussing with Blitzkrieg who is hoping that he will stay, Ben wonders how he can make a mark on his mind to show he has been there. As the doctors plan to administer drugs to bring him out of the coma, Mary is also pondering how she will explain to Beatrice if he doesn't survive. Ben also meets a girl he worked with, who he learns has committed suicide, as Blitzkrieg tries to get her to convince him to die and stay with her. Ben meanwhile receives the drugs and begins to regain full consciousness.

Closing song: Van Morrison - Beside You

Locked In (Special)

This episode was an hour-long special which aired in between the second and third series.

Ben has been left in the bath at the hospital neurological unit, and encounters Blitzkrieg again, who provides no solace when in pain while being lifted out. Mary also has bad dreams about a bath, as she is struggling with a virus and has to resort to care offered by Jean. Ben's current lack of response to his medical care, with him currently being "locked in", has the nurse telling him that the hospital want to move him to a care home unless he shows signs of improvement. With everything going on, Mary is reminded of the early parts of their relationship with Beatrice being around, while Jean also recalls Katy, Ben's Welsh girlfriend when he was at university. Ben's memory also takes him to a prison, and sharing a cell with a fellow prisoner who wants the top bunk bed. With the use of a time machine to travel through his memories, Ben is also taken to the time he missed his own honeymoon as well as an enjoyable time with Katy, who he has some regrets over. Mary meanwhile also feels like she is losing Ben while Jean attempts to calm her down, insisting that he just needs time. Mary sets about getting Ben returned home rather than put in a care home, and attends a confrontational meeting about the situation, in which her bid is rejected. Ben decides that he wants to move on with his life, but is feeling stuck in the past, as he knows that his future consists of being disabled and with the fear of being unloved. At the hospital, Mary begs for Ben to show a visible sign of improvement, to prevent him being put in the home. Managing to reconcile his feelings for Katy, and realise that Mary still wants him, he is able to talk.

Closing song: Joni Mitchell - My Old Man

Series 3

1. Ladies and Gentlemen

Leaving hospital via ambulance, Ben is heading home to start his new life in a wheelchair, while also recalling his attempt to write a television panel game show. At home, Mary tries to straighten every part of the house ready for his arrival while Jean mainly gets in the way. Jean also begins to "have one her turns" leaving her having to go for a lie down, while Ben in the ambulance has to cope with two idiot ambulance drivers who manage to get a parking ticket while stopping off for cigarettes. Mary begins to believe that her fragile world is floating away as she recalls a trip to the cinema just before Ben was admitted to hospital, and he was taken unwell.

Closing song: Amanda Palmer - Astronaut

2. Loneliness Is a Crowded Head

Ben is heading for his day patient appointment, with Jean taking a fancy to the ambulance driver Derek, and joining him on the ride which isn't moving far due to traffic. He also takes unwell and proceeds to throw up everywhere while Blitzkrieg talks with him about his wanting to have some privacy. Mary meanwhile is back at home under pressure to get a public relations contract, and has to turn to Ben's nurse for help. with Beatrice. With everything going on, Ben resorts to turning inwards and dreaming of spending his time on a paradise island alone, though he quickly finds bigpiping soon erodes the peace. The ambulance journey also has its moments when they end up having an accident when a car pulls out in front of them.

Closing song: Love - Alone Again Or

3. Stirrings in the Night

Blitzkrieg has all the gossip about two lesbian therapists who are working with Ben, while Mary and Ben's nurse talk about sex with the suggestion of slipping Ben some additional tablets. With the ambulance drivers also with sex on the mind, Ben wonders if everyone has gone mad during his time in a coma. Conversation back at home includes Jean, who is keen to avoid the topic. Eventually back home, Ben is told that he is getting better, and Mary's suggestion to join him in bed leaves him in a difficult position, while Blitzkrieg wonders about the future of his relationship with Mary. Jean also finds her chances with Derek appear to have been stalled by Ben's nurse, though things however are looking up for Ben and Mary.

Closing song: ABBA - Fernando

4. Victoria

Ben finds his ambulance driver has a rather informed view of the world, though has to listen to it on the way to his next appointment with the therapist. The situation leads to Ben to Victorian times with Blitzkrieg, with an imagining that he will get his own way more often, having become fed up of being shoved around by others. He also recalls the purchase of a book prior to getting ill, which gives advice on ideas for a novel he plans to write, though ends up with post-it notes stuck over the living room walls which irritates Mary. Ben however finds himself in an argument with Benjamin Disraeli. Jean sets about talking with the nurse about her relationship with Derek, and ends up questioning whether Ben will ever get any better, as she struggles quietly with her own illness.

Closing song: The Kinks - Victoria

5. When Was the Last Time You Saw Godfather?

A stairlift is being fitted at the house, though Mary finds it is second hand from a dead elderly lady. Ben receives a letter that he is going to be a godfather to an ex-girlfriend, which leaves Ben in trouble with Mary, due to a past incident. Blitzkrieg meanwhile is feeling bored when Ben is talking with his physiotherapist rather than adventuring with her, and accuses him of not discussing with her why she was never christened. Jean takes to talking with Derek with worries about the future if she isn't there. Ben also recalls the events around Beatrice having a christening of her own, and his arguments with Mary about being to choose herself when she is older, before heading to Jurusalem in his subconscious with Blitzkrieg.

Closing song: Bon Iver - Skinny Love

6. The Stand-In

Setting about doing something for himself, Ben heads to the post office to post a form, but finds the experience difficult when he is treated badly by the staff. Also feeling angry at his legs for not working, he begins to have strange experiences when a stand-in appears with an announcement that the disabled storyline has come as far as it can despite his protestations. Mary meanwhile tries to keep her home and work life separate, but ends up shouting at junior Lorraine. The situation at the post office has deteriorated, with Ben still not being served and the post office staff accusing him of causing trouble. When a PCSO arrives, Ben decides to approach the situation more forcefully which leads him to confront his future life.

Closing song: David Gray - Fugitive