Andrew Steele


Vent is a radio show which ran between 2006 and 2009 and stars Neil Pearson. A later show with a similar premise, which also starred Pearson, was called Brian Gulliver's Travels.

Series 1

1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Ben's family keeps vigil by his bedside while he is in a coma, though he is able to communicate with other coma patients as part of an imaginary sitcom he has written which concerns a coma ward. Wife, Mary, and his mother spend their time disagreeing at his side, as Ben describes his mothers regular schedule on visiting him everyday, and Ben expects them to start playing music to try and wake him up. He begins to recount his own Desert Island Discs while being interviewed by Sue Lawley, but leaves after two songs when she won't listen to him. Ben wonders whether his life story is worth listening to. Best friend and musician Hugo arrives, and Ben realises how rubbish his friendship with him is.

2. Don't Bet On It

3. Wouldn't You Like to Get Away

4. Switching Off

5. Gravity Gets You Down

6. Switching Off

Series 2

1. Mary's Girl Child

2. Things To Do Before You Die

3. I Want You

4. Wednesday Morning 3am

5. Alternatives

6. Arrival


Locked In

Series 3

1. Ladies and Gentlemen

2. Loneliness Is a Crowded Head

3. Stirrings in the Night

4. Victoria

5. When Was the Last Time You Saw Godfather?

6. The Stand-In